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Poker IQ Rating


I typically have a Poker IQ Rating of somewhere between 101-125 after each session (I've been putting a ton of volume in on the 6-max cash tables), but what can be done to get even higher scores? I would love to be able to push up into the 130+ area and maintain it. Are there certain things the algorithm looks for? In my "Skill" feedback area, all of my bars look very good. They are almost all well within the "good" ranges and many of them are on par with the "best players on the site" indicator. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'm relentless so I'm doing my damnedest to go for those high scores. What is the best way to make use of the tools here to get there? Loving the site! Such a great tool. Thanks!


  • AllenBlay

    That feature is really just for fun. If you are consistently scoring over 100, that is very good. Sessions over 120 are outlier sessions and combined skill with a little luck. Even though the score is designed to be pure skill, there are some elements of it that are by necessity slightly results-oriented in the short term. It is very accurate in the long run, but on individual sessions there is a ton of variation. If you are consistently over 100 and getting up to 125 sometimes, you are doing a very good job. I typically tell everyone to focus on your reports and training plans and let the IQ Score be entirely for fun.

    Glad you are enjoying the site,


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