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Heads up SNG Advisors?

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Ive played around 60 heads up SNGs tonight since joining the site as im trying to improve my heads up SNG game. Im playing strictly by the advice of the advisors, mostly using "Steve Stokley" as my advisor. My plan was to absorb everything as I leave every decision up to them and learn by osmosis. Well.. they are absolutely getting their brains beat in by even medium level AI players. No matter which advisor I pick, They are completely wild and reckless and 3-bet and c-bet just about every hand, even early on when the blinds are tiny. There is no possible way you could play this way and win long term. Why raise nearly every hand and commit 1/3 or even 1/2 stack on C-bet bluffs? You really cant wait for a better spot? Yet they do things like this over and over and over, and I am getting my clock absolutely cleaned. Surely this cannot be the way to play heads up SNGs profitably. Am I missing something?



  • AllenBlay

    Hello. Welcome to APT.

    That isn't the right way to use the advisors. This site is entirely based on the premise that the way you learn anything is through repetition and making mistakes yourself. You cannot learn by osmosis, which is why videos don't work well for training and why playing tons of hands at the table (and typically losing) was the old style way of getting good. If you play a whole bunch of SnGs yourself, what you will find is that you learn to play better. You learn what works and what doesn't against typical types of opponents (which is what our bots and advisors are meant to mimic). You learn the odds, and you start to avoid the big mistakes that get you stacked out of the heads-up SnG.

    The advisors are designed to be used in those situations where you are a little stumped and you want to see how a typical person might play it. Click on the advice to see how it might be played. You may agree or you may disagree, but it is a play that maps to a specific style. Doing what you are doing, just following the advice of the advisors, is just pitting the computers vs. the computers. On average, they will split if they are the same ability - but some obviously have styles that work well against others. It's possible if you were using the Stokely bot, that style just didn't work against the computer opponent you chose. You recognized that as a human, and would have changed your style. The bot is a bot. It's programmed to play a certain style. That style may work well against some opponent types, but not against all. Those are the types of things you start to recognize as you play tons of hands on the site against all different types of opponents. Then, when you face somebody like that in a real heads up SnG, you know how to beat them.

    I hope that helps.


  • tesla369
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    Ok, that definitely makes logical sense. I will definitely heed that advice and start just playing my own style and using the advice when necessary. It was just an idea I had, but you're right, different style opponents require different adjustments.

    One thing I did notice was that after playing about 60 SNGs watching the advisor, I went and played 10 real Heads Up SNGs online and DOMINATED them, because even the "beginner" AI opponents are MUCH better than real opponents at the small stakes tables. I went 8-2, and the 2 I did lose I got my money in good. So already it has made me exponentially better, and I still have a long way to go with training on this site. Thank you for your reply, and I'm loving the site!

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