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3 diamonds hit flop, nobody shows they want it. Next step...

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So was working on my AQ practice when this one came up. Limped 4 ways, I'm in BB and balancing my range sometimes here I'll just limp along, so don't totally hate not raising pre-flop and if I hit a flush against a smaller flush I really like having 3 opponents so that may happen. Flop comes 3 diamonds and it checks around. At this point I don't put anybody on a good diamond and when the turn gives me a straight I go for max pain betting pot hoping a weaker diamond might come along but not be getting the right price to draw to it. Unfortunately they all fold including a smaller straight (QT). Do you guys play this turn differently?

Advanced Poker Training MTT, Table: Daily Casino Tournament MTT, $600 BB (7 handed)
Hand Replay Tool from [url=][/url]

Hero (BB) ($28800)
UTG ($14400)
UTG+1 ($8400)
UTG+2 ($25800)
Cutoff ($22800)
Button ($9600)
SB ($17400)

[b]Preflop[/b]: Hero is BB with A[img][/img], Q[img][/img]
UTG calls $600, UTG+1 calls $600, UTG+2 calls $600, [color=#666666][i]3 folds[/i][/color], Hero checks

[b]Flop[/b]: ($3050) K[img][/img], 9[img][/img], 10[img][/img] [color=#009B00](4 players)[/color]
Hero checks, UTG checks, UTG+1 checks, UTG+2 checks

[b]Turn[/b]: ($3050) J[img][/img] [color=#009B00](4 players)[/color]
[color=#CC3333]Hero bets $3050[/color], [color=#666666][i]3 folds[/i][/color]

[b]Total pot:[/b] $6100


  • pgearan

    With 3 diamonds out there, even with your likely correct diagnosis that no one holds a big diamond, a turn bet with the nuts seems necessary and with 3 players behind and such a scary board I don't think it is ideal to hope you can check raise as it you may well get everyone checking behind (even the smaller straight may have).

    So it's just a matter of bet size. You bet pot which seems a bit large if your hoping for one caller (as we know now that smaller straight). While at the same time you want to deny a flush the odds to easily call. I think 2,000 (two-thirds pot) is a good balance of all these concerns. Drives the flush draw out (or should) and is tempting to the lower straight or two pair hand. And in the unlikely case where someone was slowplaying the flush on the flop it mitigates your loss.

  • AceSleeves

    Sounds about right. Thanks!

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