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Hand Ranges and etc

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Hello everyone,

Few questions:

*What is your flow of thinking about hand ranges?
Do you have a "list of process thinking"?
I know that is extremely hard to practice on.

Any ideas/tips about putting players on hand ranges?

*I had a task in Training Plan on KQs/KQo and I feel now that I'm playing this hand super good from any position after finished the task. So my idea is:

MTT - Let's say that I'm opening with 25%~ hands of my range, if I'll practice on every hand of my range from any position with small/medium/big stacks - Do you think this is good practice and it will improve my game?

*In APT I'm practicing only MTTs, but when playing friendly live cash games with really loose aggressive fishes, My strategy needs to change from MTTs - What strategy should I play? I tried to play tighter, but I won't help a lot.

Thank you.

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