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Who to choose as my adviser?



What are the parameters of choosing my adviser?
If I'm new to poker, should I choose an Intermediate adviser?

There are too many advisers, and I couldn't find which is the best for me.
Any ideas?


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  • AllenBlay
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    Welcome to APT. I don't think the choice of advisor matters that much. For a new player, the most benefit you are going to get from our site is the weekly training plan. That will help you identify weaknesses in your game and give you suggestions on what to practice.

    The advisors will give you suggestions that are based on their style of play. So I would recommend choosing an advisor that matches the style of play you would like to play (whether it is tight aggressive or something else). You can also check the box for all advisors to see a summary of the advice from all advisors. That will give you a little better idea about whether the advisors overall think one choice will work best against most opponents or if there are multiple possible lines.

    I hope that helps,


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