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Parser for ENTER A CUSTOM RANGE Is Woefully Inadequate


A comma-separated list of individual hands? Seriously?

So if I wanted to get experience in three-bet pots by playing at a tough table fixing the seat at the Lowjack and be dealt from a solid opening range, I have to list each individual hand in that range, rather than using the industry-standard Poker Stove format, i.e., "66+, A2s+, K8s+, Q9s+, J9s+, T9s, ATo+, KJo+, QJo"?

Solvers like PioSolver and GTO+ recognize this format. CardrunnersEV and Flopzilla recognize this format. Equilab recognizes this format. Readers of online forums around the world recognize this format.

Why doesn't your UI recognize this format? The code for parsing it isn't rocket science.


  • AllenBlay

    Hi @pokershaman , thanks for the comment.

    If you want to be dealt a solid opening range as you state, just select the position you want and the "playable hands" option - the range is set for you and will be close enough to anything you would enter.

    The other software you mention are obviously designed for very different (and limited) purposes - where putting in big ranges for estimating odds based off of hand ranges is critical to calculating a number correctly. We designed our software for poker training purposes and were more focused on big picture - analysis, training plans, reports, and allowing users to choose categories such as random hands, playable hands, raising hands, suited connectors, pocket pairs (including ranges of pocket pairs), positions, etc. If someone wanted to play a very specific hand or small set of hands, we allow for the option to type those hands in. In initially developing the game, we honestly never considered that anyone would want to put in a large set of hands like you list - I've used this for years and have never thought about putting in that specific a range to practice. For training/practice purposes you are just as well off clicking "playable hands" and fold any hand outside of the range you want to play.

    You are of course correct that parsing this is not rocket science, but changing it would take a day or two of work to get it all working correctly and tested, and we'd rather spend that time developing new features (like additional combat trainer scenarios, a couple really awesome new games we are developing, improved AI, etc.) that would be more widely used. We just have limited development time/money and I think the options for choosing hands to play are wide-ranging enough for almost all of our users' training purposes. But I certainly do acknowledge that you are correct that typing in a large and very specific big range is impractical as the parser is designed.


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