Why Fold AT On Button With One Limper

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Surprised by the experts advice to fold this hand. AT on the button with one limper and plenty of chips. What is the expert's rationale on this?


  • typlayspokert
    Skimmer edited April 24

    I suppose the arguement would be with so many BBs there is no need to force yourself into a pot against two players with a hand that doesn't have a ton of potential to win you many big pots. It's also kind of easy to run into a bigger A and lose a good chunk of your chips.

    That said I would probably tend towards raising in this spot, especially because the opener showed some hesitancy by limping. When you add in the fold equity and the opportunity to get the hand down to heads up and in position, it seems pretty profitable to me. And if you get re-raised it's probably an easy fold.

    (Note: I'm pretty new to poker and especially tournaments, just my opinion)

  • aldridgena
    I'm also learning but it looks like a good spot to iso raise the limpers with position. It's hard to put any better ace in a limpers range.
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