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How to get the most out of APT as a beginner?


Hey guys,

New member here, my question is basically what I said in the title. Im a rookie poker player (I know the basic rules, but I'm far from an expert) and as of right now I'm a bit overwhelmed with everything that APT has to offer. I guess what I'm asking is, is there a specific training plan using the APT features you guys would recommend for a rookie? Right now I feel like I'm just wandering aimlessly through the site, I think a bit more of a structured training plan would help me. I'm willing to put in all the work I need to, just want to make sure I'm getting the most out of the site that I can.

Thanks in advance!


  • AllenBlay

    Welcome to APT. Every week on Sunday morning you get a training plan that is based off of your play of the game. The training plan has suggested exercises for you to do. So each week, just continue to play the game, complete the suggested training in your training plan, and you will improve. I would also recommend doing the Beat the Pro Challenges and the Combat Trainers. Everything you do on the site will help with assessing your game and putting together your training plan. The idea behind the site is that as you practice, you start to learn the odds and other patterns and you will become a better player.

    Best of luck!


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