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Game script for analysis


I'm very new to the game and after some studying i gave myself a task to identify Bread & Butter situations for any player in the game (Doug Hull's mission from his book). Just to get better at spotting those.

I tried reading the game script in the left bottom corner. It lists the actions of players, but it doesn't say whether they act pre-flop or post-flop and the action is so quick, i can't really track it live.

Then I tried looking for script in the reports, but failed to find anything like it. How do people analyze games? Like in the forums they write out what each player had, what was on the flop, how much were the bets, etc. Am i making sense?


  • AllenBlay

    I think what you are looking for are hand histories. If you go to your saved hand listing and select hands you want to see hand histories for, you can click "share" at the bottom to convert them into hand history format. You also can click "export" to export a large group of hands for use in something like PokerTracker or HM.

    I think most people just use the replay feature on the saved hands page and replay the hands - note you can slow the speed of the game down for replay. In the top right of the game, just drag the speed bar all the way to the left and you can follow the action more clearly.

  • getjobdoneg

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

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