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Practice Facing Opens; Practice in 3-Bet Pots


I am an experienced poker player but I am an APT n00b.

Here are two scenarios I am interested in getting more practice playing:

(1) The pot has been opened ahead of me, and I am faced with the decision to fold, flat-call, or three-bet.

(2) I have opened the pot, and another player three-bets. (It would be good to separately practice against an in-position three-bettor and a three-bet from the blinds.)

Is there a way to set up the simulator to practice in these spots, aside from simply playing lots and lots of hands and hoping that they come up from time to time?


  • pgearan

    Welcome and we hope you enjoy the site!

    A couple ideas for how to do this:

    1) Go to this Combat Trainer group, as the scenario with JJ is very much like your first example and the Jousting with the Pesky 3-Bet very much like the in-position version of your second scenario.

    Also, if you're looking for tournament scenarios around similar issues, check out the suite of Combat Trainers Kenna James has because some of those deal with addressing how to deal with aggression and when to be aggressive yourself.

    2) In the simulator, you can approximate some of these situations by configuring the Player Mix, Positions to Deal, and Hands to Deal options. For example, for your first scenario you can make the Player Mix "More aggressive than Normal" or "Over aggressive," put yourself in one of the late positions, and give yourself only Playable Hands, Raising Hands, or specific types of medium or strong hands (e.g. medium pairs, big suited connectors, etc.). You can even put a set of custom hands in if you wish. While that does not assure every hand will be your scenario, if you are at an aggressive table in late position with playable hands, you'll frequently be in a position where someone opened in front of you and you have a decision to make with a playable hand.

    For the second scenario, similarly put yourself at an aggressive table, you are in early position, and give yourself only playable hands. You'll open with all your hands, and although you'll get folds when no one has anything and some flat bets, you'll get more pre-flop and post-flop aggression than is ty

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