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Tyrese Simpson Part II


This question has to do with handling raises on the flop. It is based on considering the Tyrese Simpson personality to be an actual person and trying to adjust accordingly.

Suppose I am in early position with AK. Tyrese is in late position. I think he is slightly loose, definitely aggressive, and also a bit tricky. Blinds are 2-5. Stacks are 500. I raise preflop to 20, two callers, including Tyrese. Flop is K, T, 7, rainbow. There’s 67 in the pot. I bet 70. Third player gets out. Tyrese raises to 210. I've noticed he likes to do this sort of thing. He usually does it with a big hand, but not always. There’s 347 in the pot, and we need to call 140 to stay.

Tyrese can have AK which we tie or TT which has us crushed. He’d probably play KTs and 77 this way, and those also crush us. He might play KQs this way, believing it is good, but we beat that one. KK isn’t too likely, both because of removal, and because he’d probably reraise preflop with that. Actually, he’d probably reraise with AK and TT too, but not always (because he’s tricky). Lastly, he’d do this sometimes as a bluff with hands that whiffed the flop.

So, reasonable hands for him are AK, TT, KTs, 77, and KQs. We tie AK and beat KQs, losing to TT, KTs, and 77. We are behind this range, BUT we are getting some odds AND we think he does this sort of thing as a bluff sometimes (using hands good enough to call the pre-flop raise but which missed the board).

Finally, once Tyrese has made this raise, if we call it, we are going to have to bet the turn. Otherwise, he’s sure to bet it. Thus, if we play here, we are likely playing for stacks.

Questions are:

1) What do we do here?

2) Looking from his side, how often should he make this move and with what cards? In particular, if he uses his best cards, isn’t he giving me the chance to get away early? Yet by using weak cards, isn’t he giving me the chance to snap him off for a lot of money?


  • jpg7n16j
    In poker you won’t have 100% shot of making the right call. You have to play against the range. Sometimes you’ll win and sometimes lose.

    So if the avatar does this move often, he can’t always have you crushed. Likewise if aggressive pre, would usually have AK or TT in his raising range pre.

    So his range to raise flop could be:
    AK,KQ-K7,TT,77, QJ,98,J9 among other things.

    AK beats a lot of that. So reshove the flop. Sometimes he’ll have you. Mostly he won’t. And sometimes he’ll be drawing and suck out anyways
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