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Tyrese Simpson


Anyone else notice this guy specifically? I don't know enough about the site (new here) to know whether he shows up in anything other than the Big City lineup. Also, maybe I've just had some RNG against him. But he seems a very distinct, and possibly effective personality. Once he has raised or called a raise pre-flop, if you make a flop bet, you can absolutely expect to be raised enough to pot-commit you. If stacks are 500, blinds 2-5, pot is 70, you have top pair top kicker and bet 70 (let's say it's a draw-heavy board) and he is liable to come back with 210 as often as call or fold. You call that, and you are already most of the way to being committed. So how much do you love your top top hand?

I have never seen anyone irl behave this way, but I think it might actually be awfully effective. BUT how often and when do you make this move? I have found it's very uncomfortable to play against. You don't want to fold a hand like top-top, but you don't want to call this bet. Of course it works as a nice bluff too--people will fold some good hands to it. So, how often and when to be most profitable (I'm not necessarily concerned about being unexploitable)?

Also, how do you defend against it? First time, I think it's an immediate fold. But second time, third time, against a guy who sometimes has a hand and sometimes doesn't? This is a dangerous move. It's two edged as well, and doesn't necessarily make money, but it's dangerous for sure.


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