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More on Stats


I wrote a question about what the various stats actually mean (how they are calculated) in General Poker. Possibly the wrong place for it. I won't go back through it here, since it also was possibly TLDR. But I would like to repeat the question, for the staff if necessary, how is each of the stats under "skills" calculated? Some of them seem obvious, and others less so, but rather than guess it would be nice to know how each is calculated. If that is given somewhere, please let me know. The discussion I could find started with "we aren't going to go into detail on how they are calculated," and detail is what I'm looking for.

In the absence of detail, I still have two suggestions. 1) I have a very low "saw the flop" rating, and indeed I am rather tight. But also, I always raise first in, and I almost always raise if limped to, so fairly often I get folded round. Thus I didn't see the flop, but often not because I didn't put money in--because my opponents didn't. Those two things should not be counted the same. 2) If I "play a hand" because it was free in the big blind, it shouldn't show up in the "you played this but shouldn't" category. It also shouldn't show up in "you played passively post-flop" category if I check it through, nor the "you lost on the river" category, if that is the case. Essentially, it's a non-hand.

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