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What the stats, let me see the math


I am not clear on exactly what the stats in the "skills" section of data analysis mean. Some of them seem to be self-explanatory, but it would be possible to wrong. Others don't even seem self-explanatory. Is this given somewhere?

In particular:

How often did you see the flop? This one seems clear.

How often did you raise pre-flop? Does this entail any raise, or only count if you made the final raise? Also, does it make any allowance for whether you were raised into? It's entirely different to limp vs to call a raise, yet in both cases you did not raise...

How often did you call a pre-flop raise? This one seems clear.

How often did you limp-call a pre-flop raise? This one seems clear.

How aggressive are you on the flop? I'm not even sure what this number represents. Is it a ratio or something else? If a ratio, of what to what? I am assuming it's a ratio of bet+raise:call. Still, there's a difference between calling a bet and calling a raise (or a re-raise). Is any of that allowed for?

Ahead when continuing the flop, turn, and showdown. These seem clear. And I like them. I wonder if they should be incorporated into the "luck" stats. If I'm ahead on the flop 60%, but win the showdown only 30%, I would think that's much more unlucky than if I just don't happen to flop many sets or flushes, but I don't really know. More information here would be nice.

How often did you go to showdown. This seems clear.

Did you continuation bet enough? This seems clear too. It's interesting to me that according to stats I personally DO continue often enough, but my bet/raise: call ratio is too low--I think (as I am discussing elsewhere) it's because the AI loves to donk bet. Not necessarily a problem but interesting (to me, anyway).

How often do you steal blinds? This is less clear than it seems. Are we only counting raises from the cutoff and the button? Only first-in raises? Not counting raises from the small blind? I would like more details.

How often do you defend the big blind? Are we only talking about defending against button raises, or is folding the blind to an UTG raise a failure to defend?

How often do you go all in? This one seems fairly clear, but wow... The recommended range is 23% to 41% all-in. Even the low end of that range seems awfully high. The high end of that range seems frankly nuts. Just sayin.

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