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Any other poker games coming to Advanced Poker Training?

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I'm a little disappointed that the new Omaha Poker Training site you guys helped create is not part of the Advanced Poker Training website. Are there any plans to add other poker games to the Advanced Poker Training website?


  • AllenBlay

    We are focused on NL Hold'em because that is our expertise - that will be the game we continue to add training materials for.

    The Omaha site couldn't be part of APT because even though we are involved in it, it required a lot of other people's involvement. You may have noticed that there are almost no other bots that play Omaha even remotely well. That's because Omaha is 10x as complex a game as NL Hold'em, and it's why we resisted ever adding Omaha to APT - as an add-on to this site, it would put us out of business because of the development cost. Whereas there is something like Snowie for Hold'em, which is close to GTO, nothing like that existed for Omaha. We knew Omaha was a game where playing close to GTO would lead to huge profitability at the poker tables, so we set out to make the bots as good as we possibly could make them. The bots on the site are about as close to GTO (pre-flop) as you are going to find anywhere. The development was unbelievably difficult and required bringing in the best Omaha players in the world. We seriously have worked with a huge number of Omaha champions on this, including Robert Turner, the guy who invented the game, and Scott Clements, who is often considered the best Omaha player of all time. The bots are still being improved, but they are at the point that they are better than all but the best Omaha players. That's a long way of saying we would not have been able to develop this or afford to develop this unless we involved many additional people, and that required it to be a separate site.


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