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Tricky flop


Playing a live 1/2 NL ring game. I'm UTG+2 and get dealt pocket 7 . I limp in, but a player 2 seats on my left raises to $6. A total of 5 players, including myself and the SB call the raise to see the flop. the flop comes 6,7,8 with 2 hearts, giving me a set. The SB goes all in for $48. I think for a second and assumes that he may not have a straight, that he could be protecting 2 pairs or having a flush draw, but to avoid any competition I reraise to $135. Everyone else folds and the SB turns over 4,5 off suit for a flopped straight. Did I make the right decision here? I felt that I still had 6 outs to draw a boat. Eventually got no help and lost the hand. But is that the right way of thinking about this? Thanks for your thoughts.


  • nytider

    Have you played with the SB much? Does he donk bet a lot? Maybe it is just me, but that seems like a pretty fishy play, jamming right out of the gate with that many players in the pot. To me there would be a lot more ambiguity if the button raised big after it checked around.

  • dhirigoyd

    She had just joined the game no more than an hour prior. She didn't seem to have much of a playing style

  • SteveBlay

    I felt that I still had 6 outs to draw a boat.

    Don't forget about making quads -- you actually have 7 outs total. On the turn you will pick up an additional 3 outs. All in all you'll win more than 1/3 of the time, even when you are up against a straight.

  • dhirigoyd

    You're right about the 7th out , so was it the right play or did it make more sense to fold when she shoved?

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