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Why IQ score low on preflop when playing tight?

I think this question might be asked before but I don't think the answer explained enough.
So I am pretty new to the training site while playing recreational live for a while and want to play more optimal.
So here is the scenario, I am starting out with the easy table 6 max, playing around 200 300 hands per session. Play all random hand all postions with advisor set to some of the TAG advisor with summary and only advise if I am doing something different from the advisor. Since the easy table is full of loose bot playing tight mean we fold many garbage hand (of course) and some of spectacular hand like low suited connector or gapper in position. Which make sense and charge max value to suck them out on playable hand.
Even I ended the session winning big time, my score on preflop is pretty low and also have expected lost.
I understand that in real life, better player will tend to be tighter so we can adjust. But just base on the report how can we make sense out of it. Or perhaps I can try some some other advisor? Because many time that summary of advisor would even polar on 2 actions so it can be 50 50. So how is the score calculated and how should we take that? I realize I could learn the pattern and take something for myself as I am not just trying to beat the bot but I want to see how I can improve on some of the area.


  • AllenBlay

    Here is a page that describes the IQ score about as detailed as we can get:

    The bottom line is that in the long run, the IQ score is accurate. If you are winning, but have a lower IQ score, what that basically means is that other players on APT are making fewer 'mistakes'. The score is relative to everyone on the site.


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