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6-Max -- AQ turns TPGK

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6-Max online, 4 handed, ~$200 effective

(Online blogger review -- I did not play in this hand)

SB AcQc, BB 4d5c

Player tendencies: Not pro level, both possibly subject to some quirky plays


SB raise to $6, BB 3-Bet to $20, SB call

Flop 3h2h8c (pot= ~$40)

SB check, BB $13, SB call

Turn Ad (pot= $64)

SB check, BB $45, SB shove

BB wins (straight over TPGK)


On the turn, the SB is getting better than 2 to 1 on TPGK. The preflop BB 3-bet and 1/3 flop C-bet keeps AK in the BB's range. SB has no blockers to a flush (suited connectors 54s/64s and up are within range as potential 3-bets in a blind-vs.-blind battle).

Given the stack size, since a flat call on the turn would make the pot $100 going into the river, would a flat call essentially allow the BB to play the river perfectly in position (checking mediocre hands, folding out busted draws to a river bet, and betting pot to a river check with a polarized nuts/bluff range, with the advantage of being able to bluff a scare card)? Is the SB ever getting away from TPGK here with this stack size, or is the SB stuck calling for the showdown?

If the SB calls, the pot on the river is $154, with ~$100 behind each -- is the BB showing down AK or betting 50% or all-in (75%) on it? Does the check-shove on the turn ever fold out AKo?

I'm trying to figure out what the RFI/call, check-call, check-shove line is repping, unless there is some metagame thing happening (or unless the SB is trying to rep being trigger-happy with a set of 8's).

Don't get me wrong -- I still don't think it's the best line. I'm really just trying to drill down into the thought process and answer "what is wrong with this line" more so that "what is the correct line."

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