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Poker Stars

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Can you import your Poker Stars hand history into APT for analysis?


  • AllenBlay

    Hi Dave,
    No, our site analyzes in a different way from programs like PokerTracker. You can export hands from APT for analysis in PokerTracker, but you can't import hands into APT.


  • rain0711r

    Hi Allen,
    Could this requirement be considered for a future Release at least? It would be an awesome feature...

  • AllenBlay

    Hi, no we won't ever be able to do that, although it would be nice. Analyzing hands in that way is very, very different from the way we analyze hands. To export in Stars format, we convert a very complex database that saves an amazing amount of detail (for example, the cards every player at the table had) into a simple format for export. The method used by PokerTracker and other programs designed for that purpose is very different. So allowing import for analysis would be like creating an entirely new program to compete with PokerTracker and we are focusing on better ways for our members to practice their skills in our development.

  • think
    edited January 2020

    Ignition/Bovada hand histories show hole cards, at least for a limited window (I think from 24 hours after to 1 week after play). It'd be interesting to see Poker IQ ratings for a Hand History from Zone. I would be interested in seeing a "player (villain) composite" built for the NL 5 level.

    Actually, what I would find VERY interesting, would be to do maybe 10,000 hands with RFI's in the 2.5x range, and 10,000 hands with RFI's in the 3.5x range ("range" because it could be varied by position, but still with one batch being +1x or so), and then build composite opponent hand ranges from the HH, seeing how they change. Since Fast Fold is anonymized with new tables on each hand, camouflage plays go out the window. And varying from 2.4x to 3.4x (like 12c to 17c maybe) can have such a big effect downstream on SPR. So, you know, big cards like low SPR's, and spec hands like high SPR's, and all that...but what extra hands are opponents folding when you tack on the extra BB?

    And here's a dilemma: a 2.5x (12c in NL5) sizing has its advantages in the micros. And lower sizes are workable on the button for a lot of reasons. But at what point are you giving the BB a pass to play a 60%+ range (and potentially spike whatever random 2 pair or draw)? I mean, you're at almost at 3:1 pot odds to see a flop, with a high SPR (>20).

    So, optimized Fast Fold microstakes RFI ranges with holding-sizing bias...that would be nice...

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