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Are there any plans to let us adjust blinds in MTT's? It would be nice to set up structure like we play in card room.
Also, how about adding an option once ITM is reached for an ICM chop?


  • AllenBlay

    You can select general levels for the blinds in the MTTs that match pretty closely with a lot of structures, but we won't have an option to set the blinds at individual levels. The primary reason is it just gets too confusing in the interface (we looked into it at one point), but there are also concerns about how the bots would react since their play is dependent on blinds.

    Why would we need and ICM chop option in the game? There isn't any money involved and it is for training purposes, so why wouldn't you want to play it out for practice? I see ICM chops as a way to avoid risk, but why would that matter for poker training?


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