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KGB's Dungeon


Not sure if i have posted this in the correct place or not. But Recently, i have returned to APT to practice up on my poker skills. And as i was taking a look at my poker reports i noticed that my account has been playing in areas that i have previously not had access to plus all my number are in the negative.
My worry is that my account was hacked while i was away because i thought the higher limits were only available to those who have paid for this and i know i have not do this.
There was a time i thought about paying for the access to the other things offered here but if my account was hacked in this petty way i sure dont want any personal information out for that to happen to it also. I would really hope that there was something that can be done regarding this. Thanks.


  • AllenBlay

    I looked at your account access log and the only logins have been from your IP address (the one you signed up with and logged in most recently). I'm not sure what you are seeing that makes you think your account was hacked, but not only is the site secure, which makes hacking very difficult without a password, but there isn't any reason why someone would hack the account. Even if they did, there isn't any way they could access anything you couldn't access. So there really isn't any possibility that your account was hacked.


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