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filtering for hands

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Is there a way to filter for hands on a session by street played. I ask because on the saved sessions when I view the report it has that poker IQ thing. Some streets I may be over 100 and on others I may be at 90. Yet it is common that there are no hands listed for the street as suggested for review by the program. So I would like to be able to filter for all hands played on say the turn when I've got a low turn IQ and review the hands. I hope you understand my question and can help. Thank you Tom


  • AllenBlay

    If you go into the reports and history tab and click on your saved hands, there is a filter for "Hands where I at least went to the street:" and you can select something on a dropdown menu. If the street in question is the turn, you could select that and you would get all hands where you at least went to the turn, which should help you for what you are looking for.

    BTW, I would caution against using the IQ score in a session as a good or accurate measure. In small samples, those scores will bounce all around. The weekly training plan is a much better indicator of what you are really struggling with.


  • harleymann51h

    Thank you Allen

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