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Weekly Training Plan



One of my training plan items was the following:

_It looks like you have been all-in much more often than the average winning player.

Description:This statistic can be highly variable, but we noticed that when you get to the showdown, you are all-in quite often -- much more than the typical player. This could be due to playing some medium-strong hands for too many chips.

Cost:$4.50 per tournament out of a $100 buyin

Recommendation:Play 50 hands in the Middle Stage of a Multi Table Tournament and practice being dealt big pocket pairs (AA-TT). These hands must be played with caution on the later streets when starting with 100 big blind stacks -- often if all the chips go in, one pair is no longer good._

When I opened the trainer, it gave me appx. 15 bb's with which to work. I attempted to adjust the starting stack to give me more BB's, but it auto-adjusted the blinds to give me the same 15 bb stack. If the point is to avoid unnecessary all-in's when deep stacked, the trainer needs to allow for the appropriate stack depth. With few exceptions, the money is going in with premium hands and this stack depth.

Also, does the software actually evaluate the number of times I've been all-in deep stacked or is it aggregating the number of all-ins, regardless of mitigating factors like starting hand, position and stack depth, and then forming a generic training task based off the total?

I've enjoyed the software thus far. I want to be sure that we're accurately identifying and setting up training to plug leaks in my game.



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    Just following up on the scenario/question posed above.

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