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Starting hands trainer



I think it would be really useful for beginners like myself, to have a tool where we can train our starting hands in every position. Would be nice if you could enter your own range per seat and then train on that entered range.


  • AllenBlay

    Members are able to choose the specific hand types they want to play. By default, you play randomly generated hands with the button rotating clockwise as in a normal game of Hold'em. However, if you would like to play only playable hands, only raising hands, pocket pairs, suited connectors, or a specific hand, simply click the Game Options button and choose a type of hand as shown here. To play specific hands, just type the hand names in the box, separated by commas. Some examples: AK to play Ace-King (suited or offsuit), TT to play Pocket Tens, AQs to play Ace-Queen suited, T8o to play Ten-Eight offsuit.

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