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I think the advice needs work on bet sizing

edited October 2019 in Specific Hand Questions

On the flop, when I hit the full house (5s full of 3s), the advice recommended a bet sizing of 32 into 21, after I raised the first bet of 9. I think this is inaccurate.

Here's why:
1. I only have 83 behind. If I make a bet of 32, that will leave me with 51 on the turn, and if I get a call from the initial raiser, the pot will be 78. So my bet on the flop would be about 1.5x the pot, while a turn shove would only be 2/3 pot. So the bets would be disproportionate.
2. 1.5x just seems like an unreasonable size for a lot of hands to call. With a bet of 24, just over the pot, my opponents only need ~34% equity, which is about what an open ended straight draw has. I want those hands to call, not fold. With such a large bet, I'm pushing those drawing hands out.

Anyway, my conclusion is that the platform is lacking in its bet sizing, though it does make accurate plays from what I can tell so far. Not to sound overly critical, but I think this deserves some improvement.

I'd appreciate any feedback or other opinions, to see if I messed up anywhere. Thanks.

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