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I am returning to poker after about a decades absence. I play the hyper Turbo 6 max SnGs over at Americas Card Room and sometimes Ignition as well.
Is there a section or group who plays these games? Also I was looking for a shove chart for the hyper turbos. Does anyone know where I can get one? Does the community still share shove charts? I did a search and found nothing. I hope they are still a thing. Basically it would show what hands to shove at what blinds given my stack size. ICM stuff but printed out for easy reference. Any advice or tips on this would be greatly appreciated. Id be happy to make my own but am having trouble finding free tools to do so.

Thank you all. I look forward to leaning more about the community and sharing what little knowledge Ive accumulated to assist where I can.


  • winnetka1w
    Jonathon Little publisher Shove charts on his website, Floattheturn. They are free. You need only to give your email address to receive them. Hope this helps. Goodluck
  • baldrick

    Jonathan Little materials are highly recommended IMO.

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