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mobile device

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are there any plans to rework the app on the mobile device? I'm a new member and am still learning how to best use APT; however, using APT on my phone (and iPhone 8 ) is a little cumbersome. I'd certainly use APT more if the mobile app allowed the user a better view of the cards, bets, and pot... all of those are so small on a mobile device it just is difficult to enjoy playing the game... just a suggestion.



  • AllenBlay

    We don't plan to fully support the site on phones because the features and game just have too many options and buttons to work well on a phone. At one point we made an app and still over 97% of hands were being played on tablets, laptops, or desktops, and none of the people using the app on the phone were full members, so we stopped updating and supporting it. The training features of the site and the options of the game just work much better on a tablet or larger device and maintaining a version that works on a phone would take away from the time we can spend developing more features and training options. The game will continue to work on a phone, but I don't see us developing and supporting a specific phone version.

    What I would recommend if you want to use the game on the go is to use a tablet - I play it on my iPad all the time and it works great.


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