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Did I play it the right way

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I'm trying to improve me game and plug some leaks.
Feedback please.
Online NL cash 6 max.
Fold to me on a button with 9s As I open raise 3xBB
SB call
Flop 2s 4s Ah
SB check
I bet 3/4 pot
SB call
Turn 3d
SB check
I bet 3/4 pot
SB reraise
I push all in
SB call
River 10h
SB take the pot with a str8

should I have play it differently?


  • winnetka1w
    By the way, it is easier after the fact to see the hand play out. In the heat of the battle other factors can cloud the thinking. It is player dependent. What history you have with this player , is the player loose or tight, aggressive or passive. Things like that. If you think he is bluffing you to fold out your ace maybe that warrants a shove. Thing is he called 3/4 c bet. He has more than air.
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