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Question on randomness


While practicing AK on 9-max, I have run into AA about 4%-5% of the time. I would expect to run into AA about 1.7% of the time on random play. This has been occurring over many sessions making up at least 1000 hands.

Have I hit a strange statistical anomoly or is the simulator in some way not random.


  • AllenBlay

    Everything is random. 9 max odds are about 2%. I looked at your account and did a search on this and I don't see it 4-5%, it looks about normal. But beyond that, 1000 hands is not a large enough sample even if it was a little above that.

    One thing I do notice is that you don't seem to be winning enough with AK. I'm not sure exactly why, but I would recommend continuing to practice that hand. If you go to your reports->hands and hover over the AK and AKs you can see your performance compared to the average player on APT and the best players on APT. That can often give you an idea of how other people are performing on APT with the hand and something to shoot for.

    Good luck practicing this!


  • 0ddball0


    I assumed it was random just needed reassurance.

    AK is by far my biggest weakness. Spending a lot of time practicing this hand.

    The run of hitting big hands was making me a little paranoid. Back to practicing AK.


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