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I am confused about AF


My AF number keeps being very high so I have tried to decrease my aggression but the number actually went up. So I did some further reading and it seems as if I am not calling enough and only betting or raising , then my AF will increase. I thought that betting or raising is a good thing especially since at my table, there seems to be a lot of tight passive beginners. What am I missing? So I need to just call more to lower the AF? My VPIP and PFR seems to be in the correct ranges.


  • AllenBlay

    I think betting/raising is a good thing and I wouldn't worry about this if your VPIP and PFR seem good. I definitely wouldn't recommend just flat calling as a good strategy for the sole purpose of managing AF. Just looking at some numbers on the site, most good players prefer a more aggressive style and have high AF. I need to take a look at the recommended range on this because I think it may be more accurate to just say you want AF>x as opposed to within a range. For a beginner, having a high AF can be a problem (which is why we show a range), but I think a very wide range on the high side would be fine for a good player.

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