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poker odds vs equity combat trainer

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I am looking for a combat trainer like session where I get to practice over and over what the pot odds are vs equity and whether to call or not. I think this type of thing is available on apps for phone but I do not see anything like related practice here where I get an answer immediately. I would think this is an important thing to learn to do and I am surprised I do not see that here.


  • AllenBlay

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. The primary reason we don't have something exactly like this is because the definition of equity is debatable, and it is almost impossible to define precisely "correct" vs. "incorrect". Pot equity is easy to calculate, as are pot odds. However, there are lots of players who bank on implied odds - what will you win if you hit, not what is currently in the pot. Also, there is the question of how much more will you have to put in to see the river card if the decision is on the flop. So something that assesses the correctness of decisions would be hard.

    That said, we have several tools that can help with learning pot odds and odds at different times.

    First, we have a fairly comprehensive odds information sheet. This is a great thing to memorize if you are struggling with odds:

    Second, we have a tool in our "Tools and Games" tab that is a winning odds calculator that lets you put in any specific situation you want and calculate the odds. It's very versatile and good for moderate to advanced players.

    Third, the Upper Hand game is great for teaching you the odds. You have to pick any opponent hands that would have you beat. This definitely gets towards the concept of "what are my current odds of winning".

    There are also a number of Beat the Pro Challenges that address drawing hands which will also help out.

    Finally, and probably most relevant to what you are talking about, you can ALWAYS get information about your equity and odds while you are playing the game. This enables you to compare your decision to the odds and you can start to make judgments for yourself whether you are making good decisions. Just click the "ODDS" button that is right about the Check/Call button on the game, and you can get odds-related information anytime between the flop and the river.

    I hope this is helpful,


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