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Welcome Thread


Welcome to the new APT community forums! I thought in this thread we could all briefly introduce ourselves.

Also, I want to point out that we have a new community profile system. Up in the top right corner of your screen you should see a profile icon. If you click the icon, it will allow you to set up your profile and add a picture or avatar of your choice.

I'm Heather, I am one of APT's two community Ambassadors. Paul (the other Ambassador) and I write blog posts, post on twitter and Facebook, and otherwise reach out to the community. I am a huge fan of live tournament poker, and most commonly play at a local charity card room about an hour from my home. My favorite APT feature is Beat the Pro and I am always excited when a new challenge is posted.

How about you?


  • pgearan

    I'm Paul, the other (and clearly lesser) of the two APT's community Ambassadors. Similar to Heather I primarily stick to live tournament poker in the New England area and play mostly MTT games at APT although will venture into cash training games once in a while to expand my modest poker skills. Stills trying to move that needle on my poker IQ!

    I love reading poker books, particularly those based on theory and strategy; in fact I have read more poker books in the past 3-4 years than all other types of books combined (perhaps not something I should be proud of!). But I look forward to getting into some discussion about strategy and tactics with you all.

  • jal11180j

    Hi, I'm Jesse and I'm here to learn to improve my poker game. I don't want to play for cash right now, as I don't have any, but I hope to simply improve my skills as a whole for the moment.

  • monkeysystem

    Hello, I'm Keith. I've been a backed player and published writer in blackjack tournament strategy since 2005. I started my poker education last year, and hope to become a strong player by the time I retire in a few years. What drew me initially to APT was my desire to find computer simulations of poker games. When I saw that APT was used by last year's WSOP Main Event champion, as well as how it offers so much more than just the simulations I was looking for, I was sold. My main interest is live MTT's and satellites. I got bored with cash games in blackjack, so I started specializing in tournaments. I suspect the same may happen to me in poker. Hence my interest in poker tournaments. I'm looking forward to the strategy discussions I think may start happening here.

  • hnallen68

    Welcome jal11180 and monkeysystem! We are hoping to see that kind of strategy discussion here as well. Fee free to start a thread with any thoughts you have.

  • kmillerk

    Hello, my name is Kevin and I am interested to play online poker mainly for leisure and maybe to win a decent amount of money on the side. I am a casual player so clearly I am not a pro, just happy to be able to keep updated with what's going on in the poker world and to see my favorite pros in action (at least by reading articles, or seeing their posts in social media, and watching videos if they have any).

    Currently, the website I'm visiting is Does anyone go there too? What's your feedback about them? They have a good list of poker rooms there including PokerStars, 888 poker, Partypoker, Unibet, Ignition Poker, and many more.

    Their newest poker room partner site is Coolbet, and I like their freeroll offers. They currently have a free bonus (€5) and a €730 freeroll (end of this month) on Coolbet, but only for players from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Estonia and Finland...

    If you know other sites with good freerolls, please let me know about it!

  • krista

    hi everyone - I am Krista and new to poker and APT... i also play (micro) at PokerStars and Full Tilt (there i am kcorbee)... since the brief time I been at APT I am amazed at the knowledge provided, the INCREDIBLE software, like WOW, who programmed all this? - its BRILLIANT, wow, wow , wow... before come here i played occasional online and I never won a single time, never anything ever just slowly losing daily money hahaha... since i been learning at APT now i am comfy play and hey I won some stuff.. truly ... amazing huh? i even win a tournament of 195 players today and been in the money like 3 out of 5 SnG or cash games.. holy cow! I mean not win a lot (play $1.50-3.50), but now i not lose every single time and poker is more fun if not lose every time and just keep paying smiles So THANK YOU APT!!!! THANK YOU.... I can't say enough also about the wonderful people i meet here at the socials, truly all so sweet and patient with me. i just wish was a way could chat more with these now friends and hangout... but yikes i need be quiet someone said i flirting with people and that NOT TRUE... anyway lovely meet everyone and the $ i spent join APT was so so so well spent ... TY everyone - HUGS

  • krista

    why it say veteran? i brand new

  • pgearan

    @kristak said:
    why it say veteran? i brand new

    You have actually posted in the forum frequently enough in your short time here to be a veteran poster. Thank you for your contributions!

  • krista

    ok ty Sir

  • junglefeveerj

    Hi there,

    I have had a break for a few months playing poker. I am playing 6 max, concentrate on that game along with MTT at this site to improve both of them.

    I just wonder what is the best way to set up training using the different options while picking a 6 max training or mtt module training. Do we start with the most easy tables playing from every position with all kind of combinations. I think yes cause the rapport what will be made once a week will tell you the spots to train right, so an overall approach would be the best? Let me know your suggestions where to start?

    Thanks a lot,


  • highfive
    Where did you start? Did you move through levels on 6 max?
    IMO you should move up until you find one you cant beat. Then you have a challenge to study why.
    With MTTs I think you can alter the structures, so set one up that nearest replicates your commonly played or favorite one. Good practice. @junglefeveer
  • chazt


    I'm Chaz an MTT player. I also enjoy PLO8 cash and NLHE cash. I have been lurking here since August checking out the software and grinding games to see what I could do. Joined a couple weeks ago.

    I am here to work on improving my MTT game.

  • krista

    hi hi @Chazt ...
    i too working on improve my MTT & SnG
    keep in touch tell how you doing


  • beatbadb
    edited November 2018

    Hello everyone, my name is Pim and I have subscribed since ~ a week from now. I am from the Netherlands. Been playing poker for 10+ years but never pushed myself to really study the game, untill now ;). Plan is to focus on mtt only. Hope I will learn a lot and I will try to post once in a while. Gl @ the tables!

  • robertsonr

    Hi. I'm new and I really enjoy this site but it seems like it's kinda dead here.

    Who's here and who can tell me how much content is added with regularity?

    Thanks and best wishes.


  • andy.starkka

    Hi! My name is Andy and I’m new to this forum. Nice to meet you all here :)

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