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Hi. I was told by the admin on Twitter that I should come to the forum to ask everyone how I can make an exact blind structure to mirror a tournament I want to play because they said it was possible to do that. I want to play the big 50 in Vegas this summer and want to practice that exact blind structure. Right now I know that I can change the time levels of the blinds And the starting stacks, But I can’t figure out how to change the amounts of the blinds. Any help appreciated


  • rainmaker314

    I don't think you can input the exact blind structure. However there are 4 different structures to choose from. For your purpose I think you are going to have to choose between the Las Vegas main event or the daily casino option. Pick the 1 that is closest the structure of the big 50.

  • CharlieWestC
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    Thanks! I didn't think it was possible but they said to ask so I did. I did a little math and used the Main Event structure with about a 30-32K starting stack to try to mirror the blind levels at levels 10 20 and 30. Not sure if that's the right way to do it but it seems closest. Thanks for responding!

  • AllenBlay

    @rainmaker314 is correct. You can approximate a blind structure by choosing the starting stack and the time structure setting that is closest to it, but you can’t specify a specific blind structure. The primary reason is that it would be extremely complex to design an interface to allow that and make the bots able to play well against anything a user put in. Based on our prior experience , features like that confuse most of our users and end up being used by a very small number of people.


  • CharlieWestC
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    Thanks for the confirmation.

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