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I'm sure I went wrong somewhere


This wasn't a huge loss, but how can I lose less on this hand? Thanks for any help, Larry

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  • NappyN
    edited August 2017

    Not really possible to lose less in that hand unless you folded preflop. I like playing AT suited on the button.
    PREFLOP: everyone folds to the cutoff and the cutoff bets $15 your on the button and you call with AT suited. OK call because cutoff could be making a move because everyone folded and your AT suited is a decent hand.
    FLOP: Q high flop and preflop raiser checks and you check behind. Good move on your part.
    TURN:: another heart giving you the nut flush draw so you call the $34 bet. Nothing wrong there.
    RIVER: gives you a pair of tens and the only card higher is a Q on the board but the preflop raiser did not bet the flop when the Q hit so it is less likely that the preflop raiser has a Q so it is kind of a easy call.

  • SteveBlay
    edited August 2017

    This hand was featured in Steamin' Steve Hand Review Episode 1:

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