Some strange advice on scenarios decision


I find myself in some scenarios where advice suggest strange limp (eg KQ or 99 from early position) or in many scenarios where very strange donkbets are proposed. I find strange scenarios where the flop is advised to fold with JJ immediately because there is an ace on the board. Are there any known problems in the software or is it normal?


  • guitardeang

    I just bought APT today and found these exact same strange advices. I'm not too advanced so I can't confidently say that the software is mistaken, but I really cannot understand why it is giving suggestions like open-limping and donk betting. Almost considering returning it because of this seemingly faulty advice...

  • AllenBlay
    Hey Guys, there are a whole bunch of threads on here about how to use the advisors and what the advice means. The short version is that it is not meant as a rule or best play. Tilt is the play that bot would have made at that specific time. Because they randomize, sometimes the advice is going to seem strange. That's ok - don't follow it always. It is just designed to show you how some real people might play a hand at some point in time. Use it when you really don't know what to do and want to see an opinion on how someone might play it. If you already know you are going to raise, there isn't really much point in looking at the advice. So yeah, sometimes the computers will give advice that seems weird, but that is because they are designed to play like real human opponents who mix things up.

    I hope that helps.

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