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hi hi

Satellite tournaments are a huge party of the poker world.

Had Chis Moneymaker not won an $86 satellite on PokerStars in 2003... APT and most of us wouldn't be here

I play a satellite each day and occasionally win a ticket for an event, that would be way out of my price range

I would urge Mr. Blay to make satellite tournaments a type of event; to train and us to learn... the strategy is somewhat unique... as described in a chapter in Mr Little's book... Excelling at No Limit Hold'em

please consider this type of event, and importance to your students


  • AllenBlay
    Hi Krista,
    I agree that satellites are important, but the strategy is so different that it would require a ton of work. So it has always remained as something that would be fun to do, but a little too time consuming to justify.

  • krista

    ty answer me Mr. Blay
    i guess my question would be...
    many of us are here for APT to help train us for the real poker world... so wouldn't satellites have an important place in that curriculum, along with other types of events?

    satellites so valuable part of it all in live and online poker
    many of us want go beyond playing practice robots ?

  • krista

    Krista runs to play a WCOOP satellite ... hugs

  • krista
    edited September 2018

    darn i 6th amongst 52
    my AQs get defeated by 22
    i did get final table

    was just two tickets.... but i so wanted that beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, smexy $125 ticket to Sunday WCOOP Million.. cries

    see Mr. Blay maybe you teach me satellites i would have win ticket?

  • 1warlock

    @krista - there's a lot of info out there on satellite strategy. Here is a link to one source. Some good, easy to understand articles that may help.

    You can also practice on the other site as they have satellites going at all hours. I recommend the 50K satellite at 9:30 or 9:45pm eastern. That one gets 40-50 players most times and replicates some real online satellites pretty well.

  • krista

    @1warlock - yes ty

    very good info in Mr. Little's book too which i finish read today (should have read it a few days ago hahaha)
    and yes i need much practice at satellites, and will try on the other place

    i just finished a satellite... final table again ... but end up 7th sighs

    awful when get close and how they say 'no cigar'? lol

    what you think - maybe it APT fault no train me, so i never get a good ticket?
    maybe Mr. Blay give me the $215 so i can play Sunday Millions tomorrow?
    if i bat my eyes pretty and cry?


    end.png 15.4K
  • monkeysystem

    Dara O'Kearney's new book has great information on satellite play.

    The way I simulate satellite play on here is I set the type to daily casino tournament, difficulty level to hardest, minutes per level 15, starting stacks 2,500, big blind ante off, player mix more passive than normal.

    Using satellite strategy in here will negatively impact your APT MTT ROI because you're not trying to win all the chips in the room. So you'll rarely take 1st place. Once I get down to the number of players that will advance, I revert to normal strategy to get in some final table practice.

    The one downfall with this technique is that when we get to the satellite bubble, the bots here don't play the way that humans play on the bubble in a live satellite. But if you can just use the extremely tight ranges that you'd use in a live satellite, that gets in a little practice for a few hands until one of the bots commits ICM suicide.

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