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Doug Polk Wins Challenge

For those of you who dont know, Doug Polk started a $100 to $10k challenge 2 years ago. It started on twitch. Then moved to utube.
He went about it half-heartedly because his activities were meant to promote his training site not necessarily to win money.( oops! Was I not supposed to mention that here?)

Then he got tired of poker and it appeared the challenge would never be finished.
He then resumed it saying it was for one reason, " I want to be a guy who does what he said he would do."

He expected it to take 3-4 months but he completed it last night.

Then he announced he will no longer be playing poker.

Congrats Doug.

Kinda sad for me. I learned a lot from him especially the enthusiasm for bluffing and the poker thought process.

All the best to him in his future endeavors.


  • 1warlock

    Wow. He's done or just taking a break? Did he mention anything about his site?

  • highfive
    He said, " I don't know " during his explanation many times. His site will continue. He will contribute to it as a business enterprise.
    He gave the generic, " I'm just going to do whatever I want."

    IMO He is in a very early mid life crisis thing. His whole crew has left poker. He doesnt need the money. He is clearly floundering.

    With no clear path, he says IDK a bunch. He could be back or just drop in occassionally to poker.
  • krista
    edited August 2018

    yah congrats to Mr Polk

    i watched a lot of that... much was play cash games with multiple simultaneous tables
    with his groupies on chat, cheer him on and kissing his ring

    Polk has a brilliant mind able to analyze situation quickly

    its just sad... if someone is good at a sport, do they need be such an as*hole?

    (yah UpSwing Poker i have a lot of his videos and stuff)

  • highfive
    Yeah. He is abrasive at times. I think maybe its immaturity on his viewers part and his. He has to realize everybody has opinions
    and brush the criticism aside.
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