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SessionLord - Danger!

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hi hi

does anyone have experience with this software group and hud?

for fun I looked at software that PokerStars prohibits

SessionLord and its many additives is on that list, i had a look at and downloaded the trial and spent a bit browsing its capabilities

Holy Cow!

it is defined as helper with multi-tabling but it also, can turn into a robot playing many hands... it is a real time hud-helper while numerous hands are being played

amazing amount of features... like you can put in starting ranges by position ... program it do this if this happens, bet this amount if villain in this position does this, also do many thing automatically
basically play GTO or whatever you want... does all the math and makes decisions!
granted it would take many many hours to input all the info you want it to do, but i sure that investment would pay great dividends

seems at lower stakes just letting the program do its own thing - usually it wins money!
or just allow it to suggest decisions, bet sizing etc .. which would cut down on mistakes

I can see why PokerStars banned this in 2015... but what happened prior to that?

(actually i had PokerStars running while i was looking at the trial and features, I got a message from PokerStars... "bad girl turn off illegal software" hahaha)

I happy PokerStars no allow this.

But my question is - do the many other poker online sites, ban it as well?

If they don't - do not play there!
this thing will give villains a terrific edge at micro-medium stakes


I was just thinking, couldn't a brilliant programmer like Mr Blay trick whatever PokerStars has examining what software my computer is running? scary thought huhhh?

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