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Pocket 2s...


Tell me mathematically how calling with pocket 2s is superior to folding JQ?


  • 1warlock

    Calling pocket 2's from what position and with what action before you acted? Same question about the JQ hand. Cash game? If so, what are the stack depths? Tournament? Same question.

    So much goes into these decisions that I don't think its possible to answer intelligently without more information.

  • pk506p

    Hey @lumberjack . Along with the factors @1warlock mentioned, the range you are up against is huge mathematical factor.

    The equity tends to run about even vs most ranges. 22 does slightly better vs a tight range and QJ slightly better vs a wide range.

    However... 22 is always going to have better flop equity as you will always have at least 1 pair on the flop.

    When considering ranges, think of the tightest nit in your game. The guy who only open raises QQ+ and a small % of JJ / AK (nits hate AK, right?). A 1/2 game and this guy open raises to $10 from EP and it folds to you in the BB (because, duh, everyone knows his range). You look down at 22. Well, if his stack is at least $150 behind (20x), you can profitably call here and hope to stack him if you flop your set.

    Conversely, same situation, you find QJ. This is an insta-fold. Even when you flop TP, you are almost always still behind.

    I would encourage a flopzilla purchase for these types of range/math/equity explorations. I know it helped me a ton as I tend to struggle with math.

  • lumberjackl

    Thank you.

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