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I Have a Plan!

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How about this poker friends?

Those of us that play online for real money (i play for tiny amounts)

we post in a reply to this, all results of our daily poker playing... like this for each event ...

  1. tournament info (only real not play avatars)
  2. our result
  3. lessons we learned and issues encountered
  4. our starting bankroll and result balance (USD) after the day... like this 275/287

This lets us ATP trainees see our progress and allows us all, learn from each other when in REAL play. Also I think, makes us consider more about all the events we played this day - be honest ok?

And ALL welcome to give comments to our daily results and about the lessons/issues learned and encountered

example an event i play today

  1. PStars $1.50 (FiftyFifty 10)
  2. won $9.88 (1st of 10)
  3. wait and let all the maniacs destroy each other and play quality hands and trap the maniacs, ignore chat some are so vulgar and rude is incredible so no let make you mad and want strangle them hahaha
  4. 250/259.88

and all the other events I played in same daily post

Come join in this ok? we shall start tomorrow! ... hugs



  • krista
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    Hi all... I hope more will join in this or is just another bad blonde idea? smiles
    ok today i play 2 things in PStars (place full of rude Russians and Brazilians)

    1. $1.50 NLH 10players
    2. 6th place
    3. I have AKs, make a pair A and flush draw on flop, go all in and russian win with trip 6s cries and call me a donk? Maybe i no go all in but board looked weak and how i know he have 2x6 in hand?
    4. -$1.50


    1. $1.50 NLH 18 players
    2. 3rd place
    3. i was short stack (giant blinds) and followed what i read in David Neg book... i call pre-flop and wait go all in after flop... it worked both times no one called my garbage and i make all the antes and blinds twice get back in it... then i make a stupid bet, i try steal prior flop and i get re-raised, I KNOW i need fold but i get mad and no want him bully me and i try bluff it out to end with continuations and all-in on river... stupid me i do that tooooo often, i no give it up cries dumb.. i need for sure work on that
    4. +4.75

    259.88/261.63 usd

  • krista
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    wow exciting! after i get demolished in ATP tournie I play 3 things in PStars...

    ~ 1.50 NLH 18players
    ~ get eliminated quick
    ~ I dumb move call an all in - I A-Q and get second ace - a flush which i never even consider beat me... i need to STOP just think my cards, and try imagine bad guys and what they have betting and i need STOP think everyone tryin bluff me
    ~ -1.50


    ~ 0.90 16 players shoot out
    ~ I win!
    ~ exciting i get to final table needed wait, i so nervous that i final table of 4,
    i play cautious, others battle all in and I remain and victory, little bit lucky i play a suited JT and hit a straight against trip 8
    I win a ticket go play $4.40 tournament and get sent there.. wow its huge is 690 players and can win $545 to $8.40 - 134 places paid
    ~ + an entry to $4.40, 3.5K Gtd

    ~ $4.40 NLH MTT 690 players
    ~ I end in 29th place win $22.91 woot woot
    ~ it amazing so many and no wild crazy people, seems all that come win some other thing get ticket... i play super cautious and win some early times with premium, then sit back and watch blinds are small, sad is i get very few premium open hands and when i getting low chips i need wait - i on button and raise larger and capture antes/blinds. i do that 3 rounds successful.. then just wait and fold a lot... i play one hand, i have AK and win a large pot get an A & K in flop
    i so excited and wish to win the $545 but sad no luck that
    i from big blind have TT and i play it out and go all in at end and get beat with AA
    sad.. but it amazing experience these huge tournies make it possible win big! I start 0.90 and chance win $550!!! wow
    i goin play more of these and ones where can win ticket to a bigger one
    ~ +22.91


    seems no one interested in this I have a Plan.. so i goin stop doin it ok?


  • 1warlock

    "seems no one interested in this I have a Plan.. so i goin stop doin it ok?"

    @kristak - I have been interested in your progress and want to congratulate you on your success so far. Parlaying that small tournament into an entry for the larger one was great! The fact that you capitalized on that opportunity is even better :)

    I would be happy to participate in this thread but I am not playing much poker for stakes these days. I've had an injury of sorts that has kept me from playing much serious poker for a few months because my head isn't as clear as it needs to be and my attention span isn't long enough. I've only played a few tournaments since April and almost no cash games so I simply don't have any results to post. I think this thread is a great idea and it would be great to see others participate in it.

    Keep up the good work. BTW, are you playing any ring games or only tournaments at this time?

  • krista

    hi warlock!

    (what is a "ring game" is when play for cash?)

    wow what a ride today.. was busy playin PStars for 6+ hours and missed the APT tournie sighs

    ok so what I do - is decide to play $3-4.50 events, enough the baby micro ones, so you think cocky b*tch she is - and likely you right, but i can afford it hahahha and from my start in it - i like it more, players are more serious and less maniacs (less vulgar & rude) and i think i goin learn more - and i appreciate I mostly will need pay for that education.

    I start with 2 x $3.50 NLH events with 10 and 9 players. I lose both poorly. I was scared, act like a little mouse in big city. I play dumb nervous to open or raise anything except premium and I get quick run over. I get a glass wine and reflect on this and slap myself "Krista you pay more for a mocca latee - play proper!"

    I picking things to play without reason - just if now is almost ready to go - so next i entry a $4.50 NLH 95 players, I play better and enjoy it more and it goes on for hours, i win some good hands but I stop pay good attention when i flirting with some brazilian boy. I end it in 19th place but with a lot of good play. I made some serious errors and i know which plus, play attention! so i shut off permanent
    all chat in future, this good then rude russians call me names no upset me

    Next I entry NLH which cost $4.50 was a zillion players they allow super late register i think like 200+... here is interesting
    early I get 3 premium hands in row and I win lots and I am chip leader.
    I never needed show anything and sudden all of the other players my table yikes about me hahaha.. i play tight to start but surely they think i loose aggressive, so i use this when raise in position and i get lots of free chips.
    I also thing with big stack, i more confidence and play much better and i am less yikes.
    So that tournie was goin really well, most of it I #1 - #5 in chips. Then in two subsequent rounds i playing premium cards and twice in get beat with AA, what the odds of that? Ok yes I should have known but they were, check, call, check call right to end and call my all in, both... one i have QQ, other I have AKs. So that killed me and i finish 19th place

    Another glass of wine and reflect. I think with my chips i could have got near the end without blinds kill me. I need more advice and study on play tournie with huge chip stack, I never changed my way play, maybe i should have and been more cautious. Daniel N says it all about survival and protect your chips and i failed do that. But the hours that it took was fun and i learning

    PLUS i discover a kewl thing...
    if you right click on a player you can assign a colour code and it circles thier name at table, so i make colours tight, passive,.. etc all the types.. this is good it helps me remember, I wonder if it keeps that on them forever if i see them again?

    so now I at -$16.00 but got knowledge and I set budget no lose more $20 a day so i go play some more

    Next I enter a satellite for ticket to some huge weekend event, I forget which, plus pays first 5 - is NLH 36 players and cost $4.50
    is a rollacoster, i get down to 700 chips and in old days i would have give up, go all in on next whatever, but in an APT tounrie a guy say me ... you have a chip and a chair, no give up so i don't

    and i claw back with play tight and a bit lucky i get back up and goin into the final table of 9 i CHIP LEADER!

    i end up playing heads up for final with most chips - i no good at this part and need more study it, russian i playin is very solid, i play each hand no matter what and when i get good cards he always folds, so i try vary, i call rather raise and try trap him when i good cards- sorta works and then doesn't
    it end I have AK and get beat by JJ (seems when I AK i lose a lot and a ton of chips often)
    so i happy get 2nd and win 17.06 but no ticket sighs

    so lets count i pay - $20.50... i win 17.06 i very happy that - i expect lose 20

    what i learn?

    ~ i need pay attention 100% of time, once i opening a chest i get free from the site win flags and I got $1... but my check on flop get trips and i no know what happen prior sighs plus i need stop chattin with boys and concentrate on cards

    ~ I need study and practice more how play with huge stacks and also how play final table, specially when say 3-4 players remain

    ~ when i have large stack i have confidence and play well, when i have medium - small i get tight passive and thats a loser so i need examin and study that more

    ~ when is a bully at the table i get scared (like scared and nervous) and play poor, i need use what i learned how handle that and use re-raise more at right time to stop him, and be braver

    ~ i need use tools the site gives me, like colour coding opponets and using the notes

    ~ i play all different things - tournies, SnG, various table sizes, and all of them I play same, so i need examine each type game and see what my best strategy is

    ~ seems to me, and maybe I wrong but all the math in the world and fancy huds not the answer... its about consider the 12 things Mr Harrington told me to think about before check, call, fold or raise.. and if i can think of just 4-5 those for now
    i ahead of it... i need mostly consider the players and what can expect of them, position, stack sizes, antes/blinds and then my cards and where we at in tournie/event

    i startin believe its all about your brain and you need take in all that info and compute it and come up with a decision in about 90 seconds.. how get to competence in that?

    I truly believe only a lot lot lot lot practice can achieve it
    when I have AQ and get raised all in.. and my tournament life depends on my descision - do pot odds, fancy huds and mathematical probabilty really matter in those 90 seconds? Maybe my instincts after consider the important 12 things -
    my gut feel maybe, and that only comes with lots experience??

    ~ I like the 3-$4.50 level more and i goin stick with that and my $20 a day budget and try get lots practice
    I startin think the play against APT avatars is ok but it all way changes when you put out real $s so in addition I goin try get that lots experience at real events

    ty Warlock continue this with me, I hope i no sound like I an arrogant know it all, i not - i new at this and just wish say my ideas on it.. i am study a lot too

    please tell me when you think I wrong - I respect your advice and friendship (i placed you as my fav pro in my profile)
    i so anxious learn and get better at this - i never get offended just if you call me c word or vulgar things like rude russians do hahaha

    hugs Krista

  • 1warlock

    @kristak - sounds like a busy day.

    1) Yes, ring games are cash games.
    2) I agree that playing slightly higher stakes brings in better players. It makes the game harder in some respects but easier in others, IMO. I find I have an easier time assigning ranges to people who have some clue what they are doing as opposed to a table full of donkeys.
    3) Every part of the game requires practice and each different type of game requires specialized skills and strategies. That all comes with time. I do think its ambitious to try and master all of them at once but that's up to you.

    Hope you keep enjoying it and learning.

  • krista

    Hi warlock!! yes i havin so much fun, after i get demolished in the so much fun APT tournie i play lots in PStars and have so much tell you... i just wait for enuf registers to play a tournie I got a free ticket... wish me luck if i top 3 in this i get a ticket to a million dollar thing tomorrow... talk later hugs

  • krista

    hi warlock!!!! (I back from tables hahaha)

    where to start i play so many different things try

    ok first after i get killed in fun APT tournie i play 2 things - $3.50 Pstars SnG 9 player NLH, both i play so stupid, was still on a high after play with fun APT friends and, I play terrible just bet stupid, like a beginner fish and i lose in both quick, like open and push a 79s out of position stuff like that - throw good chips after bad - super horrible, no think or pay attention

    i reflect on those and smarten up

    next i try a $3.45 shoot out, top 2 get ticket play in 7.5k guaranteed tournie, seat worth $22.. i end up on last table (claps) is 3 of us left, me and another guy have most chips lots over 1.5k with other guy only have 300
    i get cocky cause running well and i get involved with high stack guy, my AQs lose to 55
    like how friggin stupid is that? I could have let the blinds eat the low guy and get one of the 2 seat tickets sighs

    next i play a $3.50 NLH SnG 9 players I end up 2nd and get $8.39, interesting in this, i have 44, mid pos, limp in - call a small raise, and and flop comes 4 4 A K - i seldom in a spot where i just need to try figure out get all their chips !!
    wow i never had quads and beauty was 2 guys go to the end and all in with me hahaha

    next I play a $ 3.50 NLH 6 players, I win it $12.21, nothin special i just play solid and had a good break draw a flush on last card

    after open the free chests the site give me, says i win ticket to somethin so i find on my account where is this, and i see i have 7 satellite tickets, i never know i had, must have won for somethin
    none expire for a bit so i just play the $5 Spin and Go one and try learn that
    ( i still have 5 more tickets )

    you know Spin and Go? its agreat thing and i love it... say you play the $3 one - you get sent to a table is always just 3 players, a thing spins and it decides what you play for
    the $3 one could be anywhere from $6 to $30k

    i play the free ticket i have value $5 and i win! i get $15... it so quick get just 500 chips and it hyper turbo

    i like this - so i play some more $3 Spin & Go ones and I win - get this - 4 times in a row!!! does a happy dance - got $6 each!!!!!

    my strategy is play super aggressive I in 85%+ of hands and i raise each time enter pot, opponents seem play super tight, my $120-200 raises get folded almost always
    and when i get finally called or re-raised if i have anything i go all in and that scares them or i get luck win or survive
    i stop play it for today, i guess cause i no want to burst the bubble, i know i can't continue win ever single one, and it stressful, it all so quick
    i know i havin a good/GREAT day and need expect bad days... but hey today is GREAT.. i play some more tomorrow
    I think the great players in APT should be playin these and make easy fast monies

    oh the satellite i just played, was a zillion players over 200 i lost in 66 place, its not great fun lots of all-ins all over the place on crap, takes too long and blinds are murder if you no huge chip lead early

    what i learn today...

    ~ only play for $ if my brain is into it, if it isnt just play with the APT avatars
    ~ think about the situation and no risk if i know i can win by just do nothin
    ~ i need select more what i play - is too many options, half of them I have zero idea what it is, now i just play if something is ready to start if i am ready with no thought what it is other than cost to enter
    ~ i want play 1 satellite a day, i know odds are slim but hey is a chance to play for huge $.. like thousands and even millions
    ~ i continue my study and 3/4 way through Harringtons book and skimmed Caros, there is just way too much info for my tiny brain absorb, so i decide take one or 2 concepts & strategies and try
    those and learn that .. before go onto the next
    ~ a huge lesson from books is if like me, a beginner... get your money in on a good hand early, cause as it goes on, better players will outplay you after the flop, so if i serious and want play for money
    (and i not yet, i just want experience of much play) better off play short stack, hyper-turbo games, less chance i get outplayed as it goes on more
    ~ i recording all the poker on TV now and before bed i watch one (rather than romamnce movies or porn hahaha) i watched Sexton play final table win WPT Montreal, wow, he came back for like
    nothin win, gawd its easy decide if see all the cards hahaha
    ~ like Caro says - poker is fun and it even more fun when you win... i had a marvelous day but i know wont last and will be bad stretches and i ready for those, I started with under $240 and now
    my account is over $325

    ~ one last thing warlock...
    you know i get very upset when players at table are rude, vulgar and call me names? I thought about blocking all chat so they no get to my head, they upset me

    i give it more thought and come to some observations...

    1. in PStars, you know immediate the country they from, gender and see avatar picture. Most I play against are Russian and Brazilian males, very few girls
    2. in the many times i get verbally abused, I wonder why it seems its mostly they rude to just me, i polite no bother anyone
    3. in PStars you can put any picture and I put of one real me, so they know I a girl and from canada
    4. abuse is mosty exclusive to when I win a pot, or ridicule when i lose one
      so i think i put a stock pic of a dragon or somethin, rather than broadcast I a girl and block all chat

    but hey Russian and Brazilian males are very maco, alpha types, so likely they get overly peed of - if a girl beats them
    maybe i can use that?

    maybe i goin try a tactic tomorrow after ATP tournie... when i playing against those types, i win a pot i will just "lol" this will likely bug them that a girl won and laughs at them
    and they could come after me harder - quick to push huge raises or try run me over 'fix my wagon' ? like i learn if i can get an opponent do a thing they normally wouldnt if play fundamentals i ahead?
    would this be ethical and correct try that tactic?

    warlock ty do this with me it helps a lot and makes keep notes on what i play and makes me think through the poker events my day
    ty be my friend and helper and pleaseeeeeee instruct me ...

    i know you want me play cash games, but i not sure i ready that mentally yet, i just get scared some reason and so nervous, i think those players at high level
    anyway i think i addicted to poker!

    hugs Krista

  • krista
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    hi warlock - hope you feelin better

    well been a few bad days, played various things and did poorly in most. lots of dumb decisions and money in on marginal hands, all that saved from a huge dent in my bankroll was a few wins at $5 Spin and Gor for $20
    no excuses- i played poorly but in almost 1.5 days i didnt see but one premium hand

    things i leaned...

    ~ patience , no get bored and play marginal just cause haven't had chance to play much
    ~ when try steal blinds bet large enough its effective and dont take on huge stacks
    ~ the colour coding opponents remains for always so i am now assigning colour labels to all i play against when i have an indication of style and changing them with more info
    ~ if you really don't feel like playing poker - don't

    here is a good trick i learned and recommend to all...
    here is the hand... is three of us in pot all the way to river... board like this
    J Q T K A
    for a joke I went all in at end... and guess what? one of the guys folded !!! hahaha
    so lesson if board has absolute nuts, go all in if someone no pay attention they might fold

    i go try play some now and hope i have better day


  • 1warlock

    @kristak - shake it off and get back to basics. If you are not in a frame of mind to play, don't. I am taking an extended break from the game because I know my head isn't where it needs to be. Unless you are mentally prepared, just don't force it. Maybe warm up a little by playing the bots here to see if you can get yourself focused before you try to play for $?

    LOL - would hate to be the guy who folded that hand. You and the other player were probably laughing as you chopped up his chips.

  • krista

    hi warlock yes.. shaking it smiles ty advice and yes was funny hahaha

  • krista
    edited July 2018

    warlock!!! i lose right away in the APT tournie so is some time and i think wait, i no play satellite yet for today so decide play one before go bed... and I win! paid $3... 18players shootout (finally got some decent cards) and i win it... so i get entry into $22... 8k guaranteed.. ekkk i so excited ... tournie starts in 48mins so i wait ...
    wish me luck ... i tell you of it tomorrow (is under 30 players so far)

    after last few terrible days i decide i hate poker - i change my mind! I so excited now
    i no idea what means progressive bounty but i no worry of that, just try play solid

  • krista
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    ok warlock
    i need tell you before i go bed... ended up was 435 players for the $8k prizes... i lasted over 2 hours... my strategy goin in was play super tight... and i did - when i think back i wasted maybe 400 chips on dumb limp ins or calls ... but i stay to my plan and in the first 1.5 hours i played just 3 hands... one an AA that got me a bit .. then a good one, i call from button with 56s... i hit a straight on flop, 2 guys were try bully me and i just call on river, then one raise big on turn and i re-raise maybe too much, and he folded but that pot put me in 49th place and some time to stay playin...
    in the whole time over 2 hours i had just the AA and a pair of 9s, nothing else premium, wait was an QQ that got all folded after my 4xBB raise. was one a KQ i wish i had played else i had crap but my plan kept me in the game for a long time.... i amazed at the high quality play was very few all-ins... much smart aggressive plays, no chance much limp in or steal blinds, all pots highly contested... you know how i colour code opponents well in the 9 at my table 7 were 5 blue (top solid category, medium aggressive)
    i watched all carefully and interesting early the 3 loose aggressive, 2 eliminated and one end up lots chips
    i very happy how i played, i was patient and got my monies in when i had decent cards...
    i ended up in 129 place and i happy that
    last hand i play i call on button, flop 2 pair, one opponent, i call his all-in and he have KK and a third K on turn
    maybe i could have played a bit more aggressive (I wish i had played the KQ from 4th pos, would have flopped a straight but hey i shouldnt think would have - should have)
    isn't great fun hardly play any hands but i enjoyed that
    hugs Krista

  • krista

    hi warlock
    I better give an update .. been a few bad days, between poor plays and bad beaters is a disaster smiles
    i played a bunch different things and did poor in most, positive is i in the top 1/2 but seems just one mistake and I toast... i did get to on MTT final - 5 of us and 3 to get in the money and i even though chip leader go in toilet
    i not an idiot (i have a degree and working on a second) - i study hard, but seems it is impossible for my brain to absorb all that is necessary in the seconds I have to decide

    what i am doing... i take your advice... i spent one day learning poker hud .. i study Fitzgerald's book and it all about math and HUDs and i get a hud Pokertracker and i learning it
    seems to make it all about HUDs and math, spoils the fun of poker but appears if i am to get any good at this i need learn it so i am, reluctantly

    i been reading Hansons book of each hand how he win Aussie millions at it fascinating, no way it relates to online stuff i play.. if i try any of his moves i get put all-in by 3 guys heehee

    my bankroll down 30% is ok i can afford it, but makes me sad few wins

    i did take your advice try cash games... buy in $5 --- twice i double my money and third i get killed by a bad beater, seems i like it more can play 6 players long time for no huge money and have fun and get know how they play and isnt manics goin all-in every 2 moments ... i keep think they have a HUD on me and it be embarrassing hahaha

    anyway i not ready to quit university yet and play poker, i no sure i ever be good at this but i keep study and learning


  • 1warlock
    edited July 2018

    Part of NLHE is the concept that just 1 mistake can end your tournament life if you are not the biggest stack in the hand. Believe me, you are not the only one who makes tournament ending mistakes. I made one about a week ago with bottom full-house on a KK3 flop (I had 33). I knew my opponent had a K but did not think I was in trouble unless I saw a Q, J or T on the turn or river. Turn was an 8 and river was a 4 so I felt comfortable stacking off. Turns out he actually defended his button with K8s and had a better full house than I did. Oops. I was 3 players away from the bubble and went out.

    Playing cash games will help you tremendously in the long run. Early stages of deep tournaments play like cash games so its good practice that way. If you have any ideas of making a living doing this, cash games are the only practical way to go about that. Playing tournaments alone will result in huge swings in terms of cash-flow. Its hard to live not knowing when your next infusion of cash will be or for how much. Playing cash games smooths this variance out.

    Don't be frustrated and don't try to absorb too much material all at once. Play hands and then go to your data to discover where you are leaking EV. Concentrate on fixing the biggest leaks you find 1st rather than trying to improve everything all at once and all the time. You will be amazed at what the data finds and you will be able to address your biggest problems and work from there.

    You are correct that something is lost with online poker and the things that come along with it. HUD's and math-heavy decision making is where the future of the game lies but IMO it is not as interesting as playing live. Of course I'm biased because that is where I have spent most of my time but I find that many of the intangibles that make poker great for me are lost in the online versions of the game. The play is technically better online than live but I don't find it to be nearly as rich an experience overall.

  • krista

    hi warlock!!!!
    ty share that hand it fascinating
    i apologize i was wrong be negative about get a poker hud, you right - it amazing help!
    plus helps me look at numbers no get bored lol...
    i got poker tracker, table tracker, note caddy, flopzilla and a subscribe to PokerGo
    if i want take this serious i need invest in the tools
    it all so much to learn... wow... but amazing info
    so that what i been doin... learn the software... so now i know VPIP, PFR etc smiles
    I have been playing cash games mostly plus a satellite andf MTT each day, i usually get beyond 1/2 is a zillion players
    seems i like the cash games on FullTilt better
    i made mistake try the $10 level wow they outplay me crazy anything after the flop,
    so I back down to $5 buy in
    I been at $5 buy-in doin fine, i double my money usually, and i stay in the game most often and get chance play many hands
    question... i been playing 6 players... should i be at 9 players cash games?
    also is so many HUD statistics what you think i should be have at table VPIP, PFR and? maybe aggression factor? cbet?.. what you have on hud show? if is too much i get confused and frazzled
    i got new poker books and am watching replays on pokerGor, so i am studying hard
    i play the APT robots try better certain areas... i suck at final table (have big stack) & heads up, i try improve those disaster areas

    big change in my game is now thinking about the opponent, what could he have and why he do that? before that never entered my tiny brain was always just about my cards
    i steal pots often and it works amazing... if i shut down when i get challanged
    i think a lot my previous issues with that was I hate a man bully me, so i will go to the wall with crap to no let him get me... bad... i getting usually better at that

    position now is a huge part my game when previous it meant zero

    and i try hard get my money in when i have great cards, bad beaters never get to me and have had lots... i suppose when you lose so often, to be close and lose when should have won isnt traumatic

    i willing to use the helper software and use them to study my play... my worry is, i like poker and it fun
    i no want the fun be destroyed by all the math, the huds, the analysis...
    i read an article on "Intuition" - your gut feel in poker
    i no goin be negative of all the math ... but when that guy goes all in on the turn... you have a solid hand... no sure i want rely on gut feel or the math?
    maybe when i play cash games 24/7 a zillion hands the probabilities win for me... but that single event.... it just comes down to like dirty harry said... "do you feel lucky punk?"

    my bankroll... i topped it up to $500 and i down about $15 on that (won a SnG for $22 or it be worse) but money well spent for the experience

    anyway warlock, i hope you feeling better... thank yiou do this with me and i keep at it
    and will keep you posted

    Hugs Krista

  • 1warlock
    edited July 2018

    @kristak - I am glad you are doing well and getting the hand of the software. These tools have become essential whether we like them or not.

    1) 6 or 9 player ring games: I prefer 6-max but that is because I am more comfortable with short handed play than full ring. I like being active and am fairly good at playing wider ranges pre and post flop. So it depends on how you play and where you find yourself most profitable. I don't think there is 1 correct answer for everyone. If I had to guess, Id think that most newer players would be better off at 9-seat games so they can focus on playing tighter ranges and concentrate on positional advantages.

    2) HUD stats: also depends on how you play and what you focus on. In general I say keep it simple enough to read at a glance. I am trying to be more frequency-oriented so I'm looking VPIP and PFR as well. I want to know 3-bet frequencies and how often someone will open-fold or 3-bet fold so I know how to play against their ranges and their tendencies. Determine your style of play and then pick the stats that give you the information you need to execute your plan. As with above, there is no 1 correct answer for everyone.

    3) Levels of thinking: Now that you have evolved to consider your opponents' cards and not just your own you can start incorporating higher frequencies of bluffs and raises. This is an important step for any player. Eventually you will want to start considering your possible ranges of hands and then your opponents' possible ranges of hands. Its a natural progression from focusing on what you have to paying attention to what they have. After that you turn to not just what you have but to all the hands you could possibly have and then do the same for your opponents. You seem to be progressing naturally and that is great.

    4) Math vs fun: While you are working on mastering the math, it may be less fun overall but once the math becomes 2nd nature. the fun will not only return but will expand. When you can start having fun with people because you have figured out their frequencies, I think you will enjoy it tremendously. Bluffing or being bluffed can't be about ego. Its about finding weaknesses in peoples games and exploiting them. To me, finding a weakness and profiting from that knowledge is great fun :)

  • krista

    hi hi warlock
    ty always for the valuable advice (soon you goin start charging me? hahaha)

    well its been just over about 1 month since i started playing and studying poker...

    i found out a useful strategy! you know how they allow late register? well at my table i saw when it was near the end with 3mins left for late register, 2 new guys suddenly show up (5 tickets and was 11 of us left) with starting stacks, interesting when we been playing long time. So i looked for late register satellites and found one and went in late with 22 remain... there were huge stacks, i just folded around one orbit then got a QQ and doubled up and then folded lots while they all killed each other and survived to get i got a ticket!!!
    so cost me 0.55 and got ticket to a $2.20 NLHE and I ended up in 4th!!! so i won $82 woot woot!!!
    i was so excited, i did win a few bad beaters for a change

    i also been watching a lot of games in PStars at higher levels, i no get to see the cards but i try guess what next bet will be and why they doin it... i also been playing the robots trying get better at final table and heads-up

    i made a huge error in cash games, i accident clicked on quick seat and the slider was at $20, so i ended up on a table with most have over $100, i should have left but i got TT and got killed ... poof $20 vanish in 1 minute
    I stopped playing Spin & Go, it isnt poker its more like straight gambling, i did have success at them but might go back but i not learning anything

    i sorta more confident in post flop play as long as i dont flog a dead horse if my steal attempts get raised. I have maybe another few years needed to learn the rest of it. hahaha

    Seems my basic tactic work often of raise 2.5bb enter pot in position, them bet 1/2 the pot no matter what flop is, except caution if is an A or K... these guys at the 1-3$ levels bet any Ax or Kx always.. then try 1 continuation bet 3/4 of pot if it seems good.
    That seems to be 60-70% successful, funny is i keep doin it and they must see what i doin but it keeps mostly workin anyway!

    I embarassed tell you this warlock. just now i played $5 buy in cash game and finished with $14.55...

    in the last hand... i have 33 and limp in midpos... flop come 3 A 9... bingo! so i tryin get as much money i can in pot from the 2 boys playin and it work well they raising me and i callin, with at river
    is just 2 of us, river is a 6d puts 3 diamonds on board and i think what the hell if you got a flush take my money but how can he be betting each time with no flush draw till turn?
    I raise all in... ... guy show his KJd.. flush damn! but i won all the money holy cow
    the 6 paired on the board and i had full house - and i never know it!
    Krista pay attention!

    so i remain enjoying poker, i think i addicted

    from when i started mid June, i down $79 (thank gawd i won the 80 and a few other things laughs)
    i happy with that, i budget $20 a day to lose while i practice and learn so that no bad

    major thing i learning is how much i don't know and how much I have to learn

    I finally figured out Fulltilt and Pstars same thing hahaha, but i like to change between
    i wanted try 888 place but my credit cards wont send them the money and other options too complicated so I stay with PStars

    i getting bored reading all the poker books as seems most things are repeated over and over
    i am working with the hud and still learning it and am looking at the numbers
    and looking at the leak tracker a lot and replaying the hands i messed up or won at

    i enjoy watching the replays of past WSOP on PokerGo, all the tricky moves, seems in what i play is little chance do any of those, as they generally hyper or turbo and if you ever fire 2 barrels and need fold, you automatic short stacked, however in cash games you have more opportunity try some different tactics

    so plan remains - keep learning, play a satellite a day and a MTT ( i have tickets still for 4 of them)
    then stick to cash games $5 buy-in... and keep sluggin away tryin improve and no lose more than $20 a day (actually that cheap entertainment smiles)

    ty again all you help me, i keep you posted

  • 1warlock

    If you want to try another place with fairly soft games, try Its predominantly a sports-book site so many of the poker players are there as a hobby or just to waste time. The low stakes games are about the softest anywhere I've seen and you should be able to crush them.

    You will never learn all there is to know. I have thousands of hours of play under my belt and I am just starting to learn GTO-based strategies. That is one of the nicest things about poker because it can be a lifelong pursuit and never get boring.

    If you only lost $79 since June you are doing well. One of the players I coached lost $5000 before he started to listen to me and make money at last. He had his 1st profitable month in June and made about $500 back. He's up nearly $1000 so far in July so we're on the right track. You realize how much you don't know and that is helping you. He thought he was a good player because he did well on the free sites :) I kept telling him its not the same game but he needed to light $5K on fire before he believed me.

    Keep going and GL. I'm here to help any way I can. Definitely sign up for the Alex Fitzgerald webinar on this site (Wed night I believe). I've done 1 webinar with him and he quickly became one of my favorite teaching pros. He presents material in a way anyone can understand and use. If this one is anything like the last, its one of the biggest benefits of this site so don't miss out.

  • krista

    hi warlock!

    so last night after i write to you i watch headsup play on PStars... imagine its $10k usd buy in, holy cow
    so this russian and a chinese play, i see the site takes $124 from them each time... the russian win both times they play, so thats prize each of time almost 10k... i think i saw a flop twice during each
    seldom they go all in, but wow when do

    ok today i just play 2 SNG $3.30 9players, lost both but did ok, was 4th in both
    sooner or later i will make a mistake and it lights out - it just takes one mistake sighs

    this interesting, i seek a satellite and used my late register strategy.... so is this $3.30 one (4 tickects plus $8 and $3 for 5th & 6th)
    was 38 players start and i see is 11 left with 8mins late register remain... blinds are at 4k, so i join it get 10k chips
    is huge stacks... i fold then get 99 double up.. and am at final table... I stay quiet and they demolish each other big stacks and is a low stack
    going get killed with 6k bklinds next and I even fold a TT... poof he gone and i in the money
    i end up 4th and i get a ticket play for 1 million next sunday woot woot.. (think i rather have the $8 hahaha)
    fat chance will be a zillion players see how far i get

    i not feel like play cash games today , i just feel intimated generally so i give that a break till tomorrow
    so i spent $9.30 today but got an $11 value ticket.. plus i have a date soon and i go get fed hahaha

    talk soon hugs

  • 1warlock

    The Sunday Million is a good tournament. Big field but not terribly hard to at least cash in it. Survive the early stages with a decent stack and you should be able to do better than $8 :)

    Very smart not to play when you are not in the mood or your head is elsewhere. Only play when you think you can give it your best. Dollars not lost are as valuable as dollars won.

  • krista
    edited July 2018

    ok yes ty warlock

    yes i go webinar for sure

    oh i sign up for BetOnline, took forever get my money there, credit card people call me, they in costa rica
    is all USA boys smiles i play cash game $10 and i no pay attention too busy chat and flirt with the american boys $-10
    then i get mad and play crazy, bet any 2 cards and go all-in with crap - yikes so -$20

    lesson is - no play when PMS, i act crazy and can't help it

    no sure i like betonline, cant use my huds and i familiar with them now

    no get mad at me play so so stupid wasted my $20... i still have $80 there maybe i bet on baseball or something you help me what?
    sighs bad day

    hugs Krista

  • 1warlock

    LOL - PMS poker can't be a good idea :)

    If you can't use your HUD at Betonline, go play the SnG's where they don't matter as much. You should be able to do well if you stay at reasonable stakes. Don't bother with the really micro-stake games (starting at $0.05 I think) but you can play in the $1-$5 games. They have leaderboard promotions where you can win extra money every month if you play enough games. Those leaderboards are very profitable. Since you have the $80 there anyway, I wouldn't waste it on sports bets. SnG's are good practice for you to understand ICM implications (this is a must when you play MTT's). They are also very formulaic and if you study the strategies you should be able to consistently build your bankroll with them, no matter where you play them.

    Good luck and keep going!

  • krista
    edited July 2018

    ok thanks warlock i try that.. gawd now i need learn ICMs too? (yikes hahaha)

  • krista

    hi warlock

    today i play 4 ... 9 player SNG cost each $1.50, i just play lower things i just feeling very yikes and intimidated, so i want play less stress baby amounts
    lost 2
    won one get $5.81
    third, in other get $2.32

    spent $6 so i ahead a few cents hahahaha

    could be worse .. just seems i scared play anything higher, don't know why i can afford it

    reading Daniel N second book again, makes so much sense

    i having fun play APT tournies, people are so nice isnt for money but more fun than stressful cash games

    i havent gone back to betonline since i got so demolished, i will soon when i have more confidence

    i have a question
    if like on flopzilla my opening range (use slider) is @ say 23%... so what that should be if less players, what percentage?
    i know if is less players say 6, or 4 or less, range gets wider...
    i puzzled how that effects my range... like at what percentage should those when less players be?

    hugs Krista

  • krista
    edited July 2018

    oh warlock want tell you
    i told my gfriend Stephanie i learning poker so she want us go to casino see it
    we have a casino here at grand Hotel, i been before play slots, is a suckers game but the buffet is good and cheap
    so we going to go just see the poker from the railing and eat, cant go tomorrow is webinar but go on thursday should be interesting just to see

    hugs Krista

  • 1warlock
    edited July 2018

    @kristak said:

    i have a question
    if like on flopzilla my opening range (use slider) is @ say 23%... so what that should be if less players, what percentage?
    i know if is less players say 6, or 4 or less, range gets wider...
    i puzzled how that effects my range... like at what percentage should those when less players be?

    Your opening range from what position is 23%? If this is UTG in full-ring, you are opening really wide. If this is your BTN range, then its really tight.

    Follow this link and get their cash game preflop charts. They are very good and you should sign up anyway to get their articles and read through their library.

    Here are some preflop ranges from Alex Fitzgerald for tournaments:

    Opening ranges Mtts stack 25-40 bbs
    EP 66+,A8s+,KTs+,QTs+,JTs,T9s,98s,AJo+,KQo (12%)
    MP 55+,A5s+,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T9s,98s,87s,ATo+,KJo+,QJo (17%)
    CO 44+,A2s+,K8s+,Q8s+,J8s+,T8s+,97s+,87s,76s,A8o+,K9o+,QTo+,JTo (26%)
    BU 22+,A2s+,K2s+,Q6s+,J7s+,T7s+,96s+,86s+,75s+,64s+,54s,A2o+,K7o+,
    Q8o+,J8o+,T8o+,98o (45%)
    SB 22+,A2s+,K2s+,Q2s+,J2s+,T5s+,95s+,84s+,73s+,63s+,53s+,43s,
    A2o+,K2o+,Q6o+,J7o+,T8o+,97o+,87o (60%)

    Opening ranges Mtts stack +40 bbs
    EP 66+, A2s+, K9s+, Q9s+, J9s+, T9s, 98s, 87s, AJo+, KQo (15%)
    MP 44+,A2s+,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T8s+,97s+,87s,76s,ATo+,KTo+,QTo+,JTo (22%)
    CO 22+,A2s+,K8s+,Q8s+,J8s+,T8s+,97s+,86s+,76s,65s,A7o+,K9o+,QTo+,JTo (28%)
    BU 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J5s+, T6s+, 95s+, 84s+, 74s+, 63s+, 53s+,
    43s, A2o+, K7o+, Q8o+, J8o+, T8o+, 98o, 87o (50%)
    SB 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J2s+, T4s+, 94s+, 84s+, 73s+, 63s+,
    52s+, 42s+, 32s, A2o+, K2o+, Q5o+, J7o+, T7o+, 97o+, 87o ( 63%)

  • krista

    Hi warlock
    first thanks for tell be go webinar, it was GREAT! I bought Alex's videos also and they wonderful, I had read Alex's book, his videos help better understand the importance of all the math and analytics. Alex is so sweet and helpful we been chatting by email smiles

    I sorry i didnt word my question well. Yes i know ranges are position determined, i have them defined as early pos, med position and late... and i should be lookin at a VPIP of about 18-20 with PFR a few points less.
    Where it is puzzling to me is when the tables are short-handed... i know i should be playing more hands and my ranges should generally widen when is a table of just 6, 5 or 4 and less
    What i don't find is how much wider my ranges should be, dependent how many players at the table (when less than 9-10).. suppose i am looking for a general rule of thumb.. if such exists?

    hugs Krista

  • 1warlock
    edited July 2018

    OK no worries - there are short-handed charts to use but you can simply use the charts from above and cut off as many as necessary (starting from UTG) to reach the number of players at your table. For example, if you are playing 6-handed, the UTG range to use is the same as the lojack range 9-handed. If playing 4-handed, UTG is the same as hijack. This is probably the easiest way to think about it and you won't need to memorize any more charts :)

    Of course you expand or contract your ranges based upon the players at your table and on your comfort zones. If a chart says to open 22 but you have trouble executing postflop with a hand like that, just drop it from your range. At this point you aren't looking for perfect balance so there's no real harm in adding or subtracting some combos if you want. The Upswing Poker range charts are about the most robust you will see because they are formatted for a GTO-based strategy. If you go off of these, you may wish to tighten up from all positions and eliminate some of the hands that are required for balance and go with a more linear range.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the webinar. Alex is a good guy and I really like his teaching style.

  • krista
    edited July 2018

    hi warlock thanks good advice, yes ty my pee brain is full of memorized ranges hahaaha

    sorrie i have played zero money games today... too busy studying

    yesterday killing time, i click on a $1.50 PStars SNG... YIKES i no have no filter on and its an Omaha

    you know it?

    its where you try get low and/or hi hand with a large flop, very complicated in its rules
    i know nothing about it at all, and lose my chips quick hahaha

    so i read Doyle Bunson's SS book, the chapter on this weird game.. then i think Warlock will get mad I suppose be learning NHL not weird games....

    so i run back play robots and watch videos on poker hahaha

  • krista
    edited July 2018

    hi warlock
    i played money today but i still feel too intimated go cash games maybe tomorrow

    i played six SnG all 9 players
    1. NLH $1.50 50/50 - win $4.84
    2. NLH $1.50 50/50 - win $5.69
    3. NLH $1.50 - zero finish 7th
    4. NLH $3.50 - second $5.46
    5. NLH $1.50 - win $6.26
    6. NLH $1.50 - zero finish 9th (i play dumb got bored no play many hands and call an all in w/ A5s sighs)

    so win $22.25, cost $11... profit $11.25
    so took 3 hours... so i making $3.75 an hour laughs better I stay in university

    i feel confident now play in $1.50 - $2 things that i be in the game, anything higher i yikes as i get outplayed post flop

    but havin fun and studying and i guess in time , no sure i stay at $1.50-2 or go on
    i not really wish make money (3.75 an hour) wish get better is goal
    maybe i do $3-$3.50

    oh want mention i starting see occasional player i have stats on and that helping, that one good reason stay PStars get stats of regs

    hugs Krista

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