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Online play money tournaments with slower blinds?



I'm getting really fed up with Full Tilt (Or whatever company owns it now and still allows you to use Full Tilt skins) because of how fast the blinds are. You can't find a tournament with under 5 minute blinds and they increase so exponentially that you're in push or fold territory in 15-20 minutes if you don't happen to hit a nice river in the first few hands. Anyone know any other poker app with tournaments that give you a little more time to build up a stack before blinds become prohibitive?

Please help.

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  • 1warlock

    Try Replay Poker. They are still on Flash so its not for mobile yet but its decent for browser based. Not all games are longer format but they have some. Of the play-chip poker sites, I think its by far the best. Sure, there are oodles of donkeys there but you can get some good games as well. If you go there, you can look me up and I'd be happy to help give you the lay of the land. I'm registered as 1Warlock there too.

  • 1warlock
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    If you want a link to Replay Poker, you will get 10,000 free chips to start if you use this (referral from me):

    Anyone can use the link and get the bonus. Its free poker but not a bad way to practice vs other players without risking any money. I hope its ok that I posted this here. I am not advertising for any other site, just trying to give people a way to play more vs humans to supplement their training here.

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