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Could I have gotten away from going all in with this? Call with AA, one opponent, rainbow low flop


I normally would raise with AA, but decided to call here. Is it just my bad luck or bad play?


  • dhirigoyd

    IMHO your reraise is not large enough. With AA in a tournament you probably want to try to get all your chips in preflop. Would have at least bet 3X possibly 4X the raise or gone all in preflop. Yes, you take the risk that the villain folds but it's a risk worth taking. This may not have changed the outcome though. I think you just got unlucky. Even if you bet the flop instead of checking it you face a raise with his hidden set and it's hard to get away from AA with such a innocuous flop. Really he could have anything from 22 through JJ (he probably would have reraised you preflop with QQ, KK or AK). He checks the flop so he could have AQ or AJ. There are so many hands he could have that not pushing all in with your holding is almost impossible in my view. Well, that's poker for you...

  • highfive

    IMO open shove is optimal. 22 bigs is a large shove. Since blind stealing is a common tactic in tourneys, shoving over the button is a counter. Button has a wide range here so Blinds might shove ATs+ 88+. Shoving with AA makes shoving deceptive and less readable ( balanced).
    22 likely folds as calling may change villan's tourney fate although not crippled.
    3 or 4x raise is pot committed with AA usely. What if he folds? Great!! You increased your stack by 20%! Winning blinds and antes is good late in tourneys. What if he calls? Great!! Hero has AA!
    APT bots make different actions with different Hero actions so do people.
    As played Hero can not fold because you are ahead of too much, all pairs, str8 draws, flushes draws etc.

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