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My game has slipped in the last few weeks. Is this normal? I’m up for renewal.


Is this a ploy to get me to sign up for more months?

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  • 1warlock
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    If this site has a method for destroying people's games at will, do you think they would employ it for the price of a renewal? That type of power would command huge $.

    Any number of things could be at work here. The 1st question I have is why do you think your game has slipped lately? Is this a results oriented thing or do you feel your play has actually become worse? Results could be chalked up to variance. An erosion of certain skills could be any number of things.

    My level of play goes up and down all the time, even from session to session in the same day. I also have faced the situation where I've supposedly learned something new and thought I was ready to take it to the felt and crush with it. Sure enough I get beaten like the red-headed stepchild of a rented mule because I'm not skilled at it yet. Even when we are learning and progressing, sometimes it doesn't instantly manifest itself in better play. Learning concepts and achieving some sort of mastery over them are two entirely different things. So, your theoretical skills could actually be improving but causing short-term problems in your practical applications.

    If you give details, I'm sure people here would be happy to try and figure out what's going on. You could also get yourself PokerTracker and export your hands from this site (and others) to there and take a look at the data. That's probably the best way to see what's going on and get the subjective right out of the way,

    Now, back to that poker-skill killing software they have here ... I want in :wink:


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