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Short Stack hand question


It's Day 2 of a MTT, still 25 players from the money. I currently have 9 BB. I look at my hand and have A10cc. My first thought is i'm shoving, I'm in the HJ +1. UTG mid raises, UTG +1 3 bets. Now, I decide to fold because I think I'm way behind and I'll pick another spot. Opinions please! I share the hand after a view opinions, thanks

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  • JCSpokers
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    9bb, ATs, Shove - you may be playing too much NIT at the table, afraid to play. Do not be afraid, the game goes on! I give shove, missed the number of chips of the villains, if had VPIP PFR ... HJ + 1 would be MP1?
    I'm new here, my English is not good. But thanks for the opportunity to discuss your hand. NICE.


  • 1warlock
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    IMO, folding was the correct choice. 1st to act from your spot its an easy shove but when you have an open and a 3-bet in front of you from UTG and UTG+1, you are simply done. Not only are you likely dominated by 1 or both hands but you have zero fold equity because of the 3-bet. I don't even need to know the stack sizes they had or what the rest of the table had (it only gets worse for you no matter what the answers are). You would be taking this middling suited A into a pot with multiple callers and probably watching your tournament end. I'd rather shove a weaker hand as 1st to act than call off my tournament life with this hand in this spot.

    Just ran the numbers through equilab and against an UTG open and UTG+1 3-bet range, you have about 21% equity (should both call as is likely). Say you get 1 more caller with a huge range because there are 3 in the pot already and he's getting a great price - then you are down to about 11% equity. This is straight equity, not even counting ICM implications. I feel better and better about that fold.


  • kendavis62k
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    so, the hand played out like this.
    Nobody else called. UTG had 66 and UTG +1 had QQ. I would have actually rivered the Broadway straight and tripled up.

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