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I have noticed that the bots do not bluff or slow play at all especially at the higher levels.
This is making them predictable and quite frankly unrealistic and boring.
Is there any plans to allow us to have more control over how they pay especially pertaining to bluffs and slow playing ?


  • stormbills
    edited December 2017

    This is so true. I ve noticed the same thing at tables of hardest difficulty multi-table tournamments.

  • AllenBlay

    They should do both of those things. I can look into it and see if there is anything going on basedon overall stats we keep for the bots on things like that but they seem to bluff and slow play against me.

  • HugoX

    You want bluffing Play the heads up bot,

    And Yes the KGB bots due bluff. Turn on peek at end and you will see They C bet with nothing - a bluff , they bluff at a lot on the river. Especially if no action on turn

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