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3 questions from a newbie


Hello Everyone:

I just joined a couple days ago and I love this site. I have a couple questions/comments:

I play a lot of $1/$2 No Limit poker in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget.

Question 1) At the Nugget they have unlimited buy-in. Some players will bring up to 5K at a $1/$2 to intimidate the smaller buy-ins. This site does or does not support bigger buy-ins then $200 at the $1/$2 level?

Question 2) Often times there will be a super aggressive (or drunk) player that raises every hand no matter what he has. Does this site provide us with how to handle this player?

Question 3) The Nugget offers good high hand bonuses - between $100 and $1200 for quads and straight flushes. This makes it more financially attractive to play pairs a suited connectors. Does this site provide for these conditions?


  • AllenBlay

    Hi, welcome to the site. To answer your questions:

    1) We max out the buy-in at 100x because super-big stacks change the best plays, and given the incredible challenge of making realistic bots in a multi-handed game, that would just add in another element that would most likely make the bots less realistic.

    2) You are able to change the aggressiveness of the game, but not specific players. For unusual players or specific things you see in your game, I think things like that can be better answered by humans. I would recommend you post a question about how to play someone like that in the forum in the General Poker Questions section. Generally speaking, players like that are just donating money to the game, and you play your strong hands to take their money.

    3) We don't do that for the same reason in #1 - most good bots are heads-up bots because designing multi-player bots is extremely difficult. Little tweaks to the game like that can completely change the optimal play, but only in limited situations. But to make the bots take that into account would be almost like programming an entirely different payoff set. We try to focus on the main skills because tweaks to the game can probably be better addressed by human coaches and other players instead of computers.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the site.


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