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playing abroad


Hi folks...quick there a site i can/could utilize i.e play for money while on holiday in europe?



  • nytider

    I've never played online when out of the US, but I think all of the major sites are available in Europe. I don't know how they'd be for registration, deposits, and cashouts though.

  • remnant

    Which part of Europe exactly? I am originally from UK where you can access pretty. Ugh everything from there. Currently in France where I need to use VPN for some site that I have registered with in uk..

  • danmahowny

    i'll be going to germany and italy

  • 1warlock

    Been playing for a while now. Good availability of games and mostly softer tables than pure poker sites because many are there for the sports betting. There are some nice smaller casinos/poker rooms around if you want to play live or many times a hotel concierge will know where to get a good game locally. Good luck if you get to play.

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