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Runner Runner - Ouch

edited June 2021 in Specific Hand Questions

Got it all in...maybe a little late? I trapped - myself. Would you have played differently?


  • willgail1w

    If I was in position and had raised your limp, then got check raised on flop it would have been hard to put you on any of the sets on that board unless you were trappiest (no idea how to spell a word that doesn't exist) person ever w/AA or KK. Because of limp/call, AA, KK, JJ and AK are heavily discounted. So, at that point only beat by AJ and your hand. Then when flush draw is added on turn and there is some chance that AQ has been ahead throughout, still a tough fold. I may have gotten it in on turn if I was your villain and had AcQc on that board. You check raised flop and made a good turn bet, so it was either bad luck or pre-flop selection. You certainly didn't underplay your strength post flop.

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