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Surprise finding! Pot raising AA utg


Lowest level
Blinds 2,5
Aggression level - more than normal

Challenge: play 50 hands utg raising pot
Results: won 14 buyins
Notable hands:
Lost to a couple sets
Was check/raise bluffed off my hand twice
My strat is always raise AA whatever the
Action in front or behind. For some reason I predicted that raising pot would be the least profitable. Surprise! Pot raising AA was the most profitable by a long way. I did win 20 buyins limping AA with normal aggression setting. With aggression level raised Hero won about 11 buyins on average. 14 buyins vs 11 buyins is a huge difference of an additional 28% profit!
When raising pot there are fewer callers, with different hand types. ( i had peek at end checked) Villans call with pairs, broadways, and Ax mostly. With the raise hero folds out most junk hands. Thus villans take these hands far. AA good vs QQ with low flop and so on.
The series does have the variable of my decisions. However I kept it simple: only fold to a 3bet & 4bet over my cbet.

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