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APT Madness Cup! - I made a mistake!

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Inglês, translate google, LOL:


Thank you so much for your invitation, Blay brothers!
I feel like I didn't take the opportunity properly, evaluating my game, I realized that the goal is to stay positive and not win all the chips! There was no strategy on my part! I intend to evolve and take some actions already to improve my poker.

I played badly, wanted to win a lot and lost!
1. Play 1000 tournament of 9 players.
* Play 9max before playing big tournament
* would be nice?
* I need to win and be profitable at a 9-player table, I think 1000 games, including APT review plans, can help me.
2. Take notes during the game.
3. Note in a paper notebook the suggestions of my APT training plan.
4. Review the notes before the game.
5. Post games for review in the forum open to suggestions.

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  • pgearan

    Sounds like some good steps to improving your game. Also play some of the Beat the Pro Challenges and Combat Trainers for specific hand types or situations you find difficult. Those are very useful as well.

  • GhostEagle

    Are the hands tournament style or cash game format?

  • pgearan

    @GhostEagle said:
    Are the hands tournament style or cash game format?

    Cash game style.

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